Kerry calls for opening JFK files

The Secretary of State made his comments to Parade magazine.
John Kerry: “But I think, after a certain period of time, and that period of time may well have passed, it is totally appropriate for a country like the United States to open up the files on whatever history can be shed light on. I think that is appropriate. It has to be done in the right way, by the right entities or people, but certainly by a valid historian or for some valid analysis; I think that everybody would benefit.”


6 thoughts on “Kerry calls for opening JFK files”

  1. Trial balloon for sure.
    Remember, it was Kerry that floated the “trial balloon” about dealing with the Russians over Syrian chemical weapons. Now it is in practice.
    No matter how smug Kerry sounds, he knows where the bones are buried (or “Bonesmen”).
    His Senate hearings on narcotics and terrorism revealed more than the Iran-Contra investigation itself.

  2. If Secretary Of State Kerry can bring about full disclosure & transparency on the withheld JFK files & decides to run for President in 2016 I will not hesitate to vote for him.

    Such a enormously important global accomplishment will free Jeff Morley from continuing to struggle with the CIA & I do hope Mr. Kerry (as President) can find a position for Jeff somewhere in his cabinet should Mr. Kerry be able to take that burden off Jeff’s shoulders.

    This is enormously positive news & demonstrates Mr. Kerry cares about the global public as much as Jeff does in matters involving truth.

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