Horne details JFK’s ‘war against the national security establishment’

In first of multi-part article, Doug Horne, former staffer of the Assassination Records Review Board, details what he calls “JFK’s War against the National Security Establishment.

The first installment only covers the events of 1961. From the Bay of Pigs fiasco to the firing of Allen Dulles seven months later, Horne captures JFK’s disillusionment with the limited policy choices that the hawks of the Pentagon and the CIA were offering him.

Good stuff.




3 thoughts on “Horne details JFK’s ‘war against the national security establishment’”

  1. George Simmons

    Fascinating stuff.

    The breakdown in relations between JFK and the National Security Establishment appears to be well documented.

    If JFK was killed as the result of a conspiracy, who else would have had the power to cover it up, silence the media etc?

  2. Interesting quote from Part 2 about LBJ:
    ” Their plans in the case of Chinese intervention, however, were quite frightening. These called for the seizure of Hainan Island, which was defended by three Chinese divisions; deployment of 250,000 U.S. troops to South Vietnam; followed by operations across North Vietnam into Laos to block Chinese intrusions. If these forces were in danger of being overrun, the Chiefs expected to use nuclear weapons.

    President Kennedy expanded the meeting by bringing in the aforementioned members of Congress; Admiral Arleigh Burke again made his plea in favor of intervention, including the possible use of nuclear weapons, and JFK then asked for the views of those present. Only Vice President Lyndon Johnson agreed with Burke”

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