JFK’s death haunted the Secret Service

Vincent Palamara tells the story in a new book, “Survivor’s Guilt,” about the Secret Service and the assassination of the man it was supposed to protect on November 22, 1963.

The publisher says the book:

“provides a detailed look at how JFK could and should have been protected and debunks numerous fraudulent notions that persist about the day in question, including that JFK ordered agents off the rear of his limousine; demanded the removal of the bubble top that covered the vehicle; and was difficult to protect and somehow, directly or indirectly, made his own tragic death easier for an assassin or assassins.”

“This book also thoroughly investigates the threats on the president’s life before traveling to Texas; the presence of unauthorized Secret Service agents in Dealey Plaza, the site of the assassination; the failure of the Secret Service in monitoring and securing the surrounding buildings, overhangs, and rooftops; and the surprising conspiratorial beliefs of several former agents.”

Palamara told the Examiner that “Survivor’s Guilt” differs from other JFK books because ” a) my book does NOT stand or fall based on a theory and b) it holds up whether or not one believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or that there was a conspiracy.”

“My book is unique in this capacity,” he says. 

via Of secrets & service: Vincent Palamara| Examiner.com.

5 thoughts on “JFK’s death haunted the Secret Service”

  1. Jeff, I posted this comment about the windshield bullet hole issue on Vince Palamera’s new Clint Hill video concerning comments he made in last night’s Nat Geo documentary, JFK: The Final Hours:


    “Hill avoided the windshield bullet hole issue. He might have seen it if it was there. If investigative journalists (like Vince) can track down the flight mission paperwork info on the pilots, the loadmaster & load crew that flew the parade car back to Washington from Dallas, a living former military witness might be located. Damaged cargo is a top priority for fed air transporters; requiring special handling & waivers.”

    If instructions & discussions about the damaged JFK parade car were edited out of the AF-1 audio tapes the flight manifest can still lead investigators to the people involved in the air transport; that in turn could lead to a living witness willing to talk about it.

    1. There are photos’s of JFK’s parade car with damaged windshield and rear vision mirror after that fateful day, and of the changed windshield shortly after. Try googling “tampering with the limo in the JFK Algens6” Veterans Today files. There is damage to the windscreen as well as the rear vision mirror. It makes for interesting viewing. Another blatant example of cover up of evidence. From that day on through to Bethesda Hospital and Warren Commission questioning onwards, a clear pattern of measures to cover up possible crucial evidence.

      1. This leads to where historian Robert Dallek makes his “no one has come up with evidence to prove a conspiracy” comment. Want to know why, Robert??? A lot of it was tampered with or destroyed

  2. On November 22, 1963 Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon was on the plane with the Cabinet headed to Japan. Dillon delegated control of the Treasury Department to its General Counsel, G. d’Andelot Belin, when Dillon was out of Washington. Thus on November 22 Belin was in ultimate authority over the Secret Service (and later answered inquiries from the Warren Commission to the Secret Service). Is there more information known about Mr. Belin? That name appears on the published membership lists of the Skull & Bones secret society, however those lists are not always accurate.

  3. I can’t help but wonder what Vince feels about the stunning allegations made against the secret service in the recently released investigative documentary, ‘JFK: The Smoking Gun’, including, specifically, a multitude of photos take of JFK at his autopsy allegedly being confiscated by the Secret Service never to be seen again with a promise to the FBI to provide copies not honored (obstruction of justice, hampering a homicide investigation & destruction of evidence comes to mind). Also, was the SS pushing LBJ to return to Washington, was it LBJ or someone we don’t know about that issued instructions on the edited AF-1 tapes?

    Vince possibly could nail down the truth of the alleged hole in the windshield of JFK’s parade car from his many interviews of agents connected with the JFK Texas tour (that will communicate with him)& military personnel involved in transporting the car from Dallas to Washington by military aircraft post-ambush. If anyone should know if a hole in the windshield was present it would appear to be Clint Hill; a question I’ve not seen asked of him in any interviews broadcast on TV.

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