JFK witnesses we need to hear from

Last week we highlighted (and are pursuing) the story of two young African-Americans who witnessed JFK’s assassination, yet never gave an account of what they saw.

Later this week we will hear from a living woman who talks about her friendship with Jack Ruby for the first time.

What about next week?

We want to make this a regular feature of JFK Facts: reports from (or about) witnesses who have recollections that are relevant to understanding the cause of JFK’s death. We are hoping to tape the expertise of our readers

Do you know of a living person who has a JFK story worth telling? Newsworthy JFK witnesses in 2013 might include:

— somebody who was witness to events in 1963.

— somebody who was told a story by family member involved in the events of 1963.

— somebody knowledgeable about government records that have never been made public.

— somebody who doesn’t want to get involved in the perennial JFK conspiracy debate, but has relevant information.

If you know anybody who fits one of these descriptions, please email me your suggestions.


5 thoughts on “JFK witnesses we need to hear from”

  1. As a witness to the tragic event I might be of help in answering questions regarding same. Although only 14 years old at the time I was well read and very interested in current events. In some books and articles my friend, Philip Brown and I are described as “the teenagers throwing firecrackers” . Apparently Dallas Police officer Haygood chased us up the grassy knoll in an incident I wasn’t aware of until 2008 when being interviewed while giving my oral history at the Sixth Floor Museum.
    That was my first visit to the museum and while perusing the many books on the assassination in the gift shop I was amazed at the number of photographs we were in.
    A few weeks ago I took one of my daughters to the museum and while there purchased the book “That Day In Dallas” ((by Richard Trask) which had three photos of us, one of which was full page.
    In any event I’m available to help shed light on the subject at least from my perspective.
    Les French

  2. There are first hand witnesses and political players alive TODAY 50 years later in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s who know critical information about the JFK assassination from all sorts of angles (family of CIA, girlfriend of LBJ, present at Dealey Plaza, helped cover it up – Hugh Aynesworth). There is a tremendous amount of living information out there. All you have to do is get it.

  3. Mr Morely, I have a woman you may want to interview. She told me that she skipped school to watch the motorcade with a friend and saw the whole thing, she didn’t want to get into trouble and so never told anyone. I will email her contact details (what little I have).

  4. Jeff, I have a list of over 40 never-interviewed witnesses and suspects who have been identified and located and their contact info. Of course if I post it on line the Dealey Plaza Clean Up Crew will get to them first. BK

    1. Hello all. I am a 14 year researcher and am writing a book on the assassination. I would be very interested in information on living witnesses, or living individuals involved. You can e-mail me any information you have.

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