Help us catch JFK Most Wanted

I’m starting a new occasionally series, “JFK Most Wanted.” These posts will take a closer look at the still-censored pages of the JFK assassination story that the CIA is concealing from public view.

I started this morning with a look at the files of Bill Harvey, a CIA agent mistrusted even by his colleagues at the agency. In future installments, I’ll be looking at what is known about the secret files of CIA officers involved in the JFK assassination story.

We’ll be calling on Congress, news organizations, and presidential candidates to insist on their public release in October 2017. It’s a common sense proposition. But that doesn’t mean it will happen.

Here’s more about how we can achieve “the decisive clarification” of the JFK story.

We can do this — if you help

There’s always a question about who is credible on the long-running JFK controversy.

Major news organizations like the New York Times, Associated Press, Fox News, and the Detroit Free Press have learned that JFK Facts is a reliable source of JFK news. That’s because there’s no other news site or JFK site that does investigative journalism on a national tragedy still shrouded in official secrecy a half century later. Other people shy away from this story. We don’t.

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5 thoughts on “Help us catch JFK Most Wanted”

  1. Good point Sir. But just the 7 would be major progress since not much else (In terms of govt. files) has come out since the ARRB. After reading about the subject since the mid-late 70’s with a semi “local” interest, more intensely the last few years
    Notwithstanding, much has come out as the result of your work and many others, much of it from those files. Releasing these Should only enhance the further knowledge of the United States Public who OWN THEM. No matter how redacted they are.

  2. Why limit it to just the CIA’s assassination files? Why not, as Peter Dale Scott suggests in his “Negative Template” theory, that all of the withheld files be the subject of our interest?

    1. I would like to add to the list in the event that they are being withheld, any files relating to James Hardesty Critchfield, Thomas Polgar and Lucian Truscott.

  3. Ronnie Wayne

    Concentrating on the (seven?) most wanted files on a weekly or bi-weekly basis should enhance the focus of the website and your 10 year suit on freeing them. I look forward to elucidation and discussion of Harvey, Joannides, Phillips, Morales and Angleton in particular (throw in Dulles for his connections).
    As for 10/2017, that depends on several things.

  4. I say, focus efforts equally on hidden files and living witnesses. Also on this question: In 1963, could a Postal Money Order be paid by a Federal Reserve Bank without the bank’s endorsement?

    These are fact-based projects that would add to the data base of facts on the JFK case.

    As for witnesses, I’d politely ask to speak to Marina Oswald Porter, Bob Barrett, Dino Brugioni, Clint Hill, and any of the surviving Parkland or Bethesda witnesses.

    Yes, these interviews would cover familiar ground. I’d still like to ask Clint Hill how he acted in jumping from the follow-up car until the presidential limo reached the triple underpass.

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