JFK Primary Sources Web site amplifies the historical record

JFK Primary Sources is a new Web site that aggregates an impressive array of links about the assassination of President Kennedy and about U.S. history. The only problem? 

There’s no indication of who is sponsoring the site or why they have gone to the trouble. The site has a blog, but the blog is blank.

5 thoughts on “JFK Primary Sources Web site amplifies the historical record”

  1. Thank you Mr. Morley for the considerate words, the post you have created, and the questions posed.

    As to who is “sponsoring,” the site, I would most simply say that it’s a one man fair play for information committee, advocating responsible historical research, and the restoration of the informed Kennedy Assassination conversation.

    I am not an expert, historian, or journalist. Derelict in my education and not qualified to provide anyone with the answers they seek. I am just an interested party in the actual events of history and my contribution is insignificant to those on the site.

    In regards JFK Primary Sources, I have created this as a tool for anyone interested in learning more about the life and death of President Kennedy.

    As a matter of creating the site, using Wix (web tool) it is a basic cut and paste process to create a site such as http://www.primarysources.wix.com/home

    The real trouble became in presenting this information in some cohesive way and as visitors can see that is an ongoing process.

    The blog site, JFK Post Script, a possible eventual project, where as I will not so much create a “post”, as I will pose a question or present a topic in regards to an interesting and specific matter, and then provide the most relevant primary sources, research, or archives available on that subject matter, hoping to grow each “post” as others contribute more resources.

    Also I’m reluctant to create a “blog,” as I want Primary Sources to be an objective place where the user can find the information needed and then decide for themselves on the facts of the matter.

    In that regard, P.S. Blog on the sites header, will be replaced shortly with a more appropriate “About” section and the eventual blog will be moved down with the various resources.

    To have you share this information is quite remarkable and I am very grateful for the attention you have provided to the site.

    Send me your links

    1. At the bottom left corner or the site http://www.primarysources.wix.com/home, it details my (Will) contact information. primarysources.main@gmail.com or on twitter @JFKPrimeSources

      The link you provided is to the host of the Lone Gunman podcast.

      I have reached out to several individuals to receive resources and feedback in regards to the site and Rob was kind enough to allow me to appear on his show and discuss the site.

      Thanks for your comments.

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