On the Web: JFK scholars at American University

I can’t say enough about Who Killed JFK?, a Web site created by students of professor Don Fulsom at the American University in Washington, DC.

The stylishly designed site features interviews with journalists and researchers, smart summaries of the various theories, and thoughtful reflections on Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK.”

American University, of course, is where JFK gave his prophetic “strategy for peace” speech at the school’s commencement ceremony on June 10, 1963.



  1. I’ve emailed Prof. Fulsom links http://www.MadAsHell.net to “Your Invitation to Honor JFK” and http://www.JFKvigil.net link for Facebook Event 5/29/14 (JFK’s birthday) on public terraces of the Kennedy Center, inviting his students, asking whether they may help this idea go viral outside the “JFK records/research” community.

  2. Ronnie Wayne says:

    So, will their be any ceremony there in regard to the 51st anniversary of his speech, maybe in conjunction with FREETHEFILES? Or maybe in conjunction with the movements for gatherings in support
    of these efforts on JFK’s birthday (5/29/14) and the 4th of July?

  3. Tom says:

    The “Cast of Characters” section in the AU website mis-captions the photograph of Clay Shaw as David Ferrie.

  4. roy dymond says:

    has anybody ever looked into Mary Carter Paint Company as a CIA front company ant it’s ties to the Cuban Project ?

  5. Jeff says:

    Any idea what has happened to Prof. Fulsom’s website that has been sustained in the past by his AU students? I hope the AU students that attend Fulsom’s class have not given up on the website and shut it down. It is needed in discovering the Truth about JFK and helps keep young researchers engaged and involved in the pursuit of uncovering the facts surrounding JFK’s death.

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