JFK Most Wanted: the Bill Harvey file

After much informed discussion of William K. Harvey in the comment board, I would say the following:

Bill Harvey
Bill Harvey

The claim that Bill Harvey fired a gun in Dealey Plaza is factually unsupported, some would say ludicrious.

Harvey is indubitaly a character in the JFK assassination story. He was fat, agile, intelligent, energetic, and deeply anti-communist. He was a former FBI man and that is important is understanding the mindset he brought to his work as chief of Cuba operations for the CIA in 1962-1963.

Harvey was highly-regarded, and he also attracted suspicion. He felt no obligation to obey the law in pursuit of his duties. He was the CIA’s leading authority on political assassination, and he despised the Kennedy brothers, especially Bob.

John Whitten, a senior CIA official who knew Harvey well, was asked in secret session with congressional investigators, why Harvey might have told his wife to destroy his personal papers after his death.

“He was too young to have assassinated McKinley or Lincoln,” Whiten replied. “It could have been anything.”

That was Bill Harvey, a plausible JFK suspect.

According to the National Archives online JFK data base, the CIA retains a 123-page file on Harvey’s operations. This file is supposed to be made public in October 2017.





6 thoughts on “JFK Most Wanted: the Bill Harvey file”

  1. Not as meaty as some of the leads discussed already, but a few interesting Harvey-related nuggets:

    After retirement from the Agency, Harvey went to work for spooky publishers Bobbs-Merrill.
    Bobbs-Merrill had an office on the third floor of the TSBD in ’63.
    (See the excellent William Weston article “The Spider’s Web”:)

    Dr. Charles Crenshaw describes a pistol-packing “Oliver Hardy ” look-alike as being present for the efforts to save Oswald. That is a spot-on physical description of Bill Harvey. During surgery, LBJ called the operating room and told Crenshaw to elicit a deathbed confession from Oswald to be taken by “Hardy”. .
    (See Crenshaw’s “Trauma Room One”. Ignore McAdams’ ridiculous “debunking”. He wasn’t there.)

    Re: Richard Cain,
    Former FBI Agent Wesley Swearingen (Chicago office, dealing w/ Cain & a variety of local Cuban exiles) relates anecdotal info. from an FBI-wife that places Cain in the knoll/parking lot area. Swearingen also claims to recognize Cain in a few post-assassination photos. Cain was supposedly working for a “detective agency” in Miami, but so was Bernardo de Torres 🙂

    At this point we need less verbiage (sorry to contribute) and many, many more flowcharts & Venn diagrams. Take a few steps back, blur your eyes and the “middle management” of the hit becomes pretty obvious. Heck, we can tie Harvey to everyone from Angelton to Carl Jenkins in a few quick steps.

  2. Arnaldo M Fernandez

    According to Ed Lopez, HSCA considered Harvey as “possible suspect” due to his “known hatred of the Kennedys”. The COS (1962-65) in Miami, Ted Shackley, was close to Harvey since his mission a Chief of Base in West Berlin (1952-60)and said he never recovered from being fired as chief of Cuban Task Force by the Kennedys. They did it so because Harvey disobeyed the order for immediate halt of Operation Mongoose and sent infiltration teams to Cuba at the height of the Missile Crisis.
    He resigned as chief of Staff D in early 1963, but stayed on at both the Staff D (as Daniel Presland) and the ZRRIFLE program throughout 1963. Thus, he remained related to the Cuban problem.

  3. Sending Harvey to Rome and Lyman Lemnitzer to Europe (NATO) was a mistake, because it put both men in close proximity to the stable of Gladio assassins/terrorists/fascists/gangsters who could have been recruited to participate in the JFK assassination.

  4. A researcher for Noel Twyman discovered a Harvey expense report for April of 1963 showing he spent several days in the Florida Upper Keys, staying at a resort owned by a relative of Meyer Lansky. He was reportedly with Johnny Rosselli. He rented a boat on two afternoons. Presumably he was accompanied on the boat trip by Rosselli. I wonder what they discussed? Hmmm.
    Harvey charged all of his expenses to the ZR/Rifle file.

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