JFK Library seeks Profiles in Courage nominees

“Our past honorees have included local officials like Paul Bridges, a former Mayor of Uvalda, Georgia, who was recognized last year for his courageous opposition to an anti-immigrant measure passed by the state legislature, and Elizabeth Redenbaugh, a former school board member in North Carolina, who stood alone in her party in fighting against a redistricting plan that appeared likely to result in increased segregation in the middle schools she represented,” writes Kenneth Feinberg in an email from the JFK Library.

“Like our better known awardees, these men and women exemplified the spirit of political courage set out by President Kennedy, pursuing what was right even when it was not easy.”

Nominate you favorite courageous politician by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “JFK Library seeks Profiles in Courage nominees”

  1. As it’s the JFK Library how about Josiah Thompson, Sylvia Meagher or even Jim Garrison? They were courageous saying what they did at the time considering what happened to some who spoke up in the 60’s and 70’s.

      1. Is there anything you will give Kennedy credit for? 🙂

        Still waiting to hear your views on whether the joint moon shot between USA and USSR should have happened?

    1. Another possibility might be the GOP delegate at their 1972 Convention whose vote for Paul McClosky prevented Nixon from a total delegate sweep. Probably that would be a posthumous vote, too. But that was a pretty courageous delegate, whoever he/she was.

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