Alan Dale talks to Peter Dale Scott

Peter Dale Scott

Peter Dale Scott

Alan Dale, moderator of JFK Essentials forum, had been conducting  conversations with JFK authors, including me. But the one I’m most interested in hearing is Dale’s interview of Professor Peter Dale Scott, the author of “Deep Politics and the Death of JFK,” among many other books.

I don’t always agree with Scott — his ideas about the Sept. 11 attacks strike me as more imaginative than credible — but he is a formidable intellect whose provocative writings and deep research on JFK and the national security state are have taught me a lot.

Listen to Dale’s interview with Scott.



  1. Matt says:

    Peter Dale Scott’s writing set me up nicely for ‘Our Man in Mexico.’ Check out his poetry. He’s nasty.

  2. Matt says:

    Let me add that though I sympathize with Jeff’s doubts regarding some of Peter Dale Scott’s thoughts on 9/11, I think Road to 9/11 and American War Machine are great and should be read by anyone interested in the big picture enveloping both the Cold War and the War on Terror. Agree or disagree I take him seriously.

  3. Alan Dale says:

    I’m honored to have had the opportunity to conduct this interview. Professor Scott is an extraordinary scholar whose influence is felt by a generation (or two) of our most acclaimed and important researchers.

    He has contributed insightful observations and uncovered significant facts such as James Angleton giving the sole eulogy at the small private memorial service for Howard Hughes.

    We are currently planning to make available written transcripts of each of our Conversations programs. Professor Scott’s conversation will be the first transcript available. The rest of this series may be found here:

  4. TLR says:

    The concept of a “deep state” is not paranoia; it is an objective analysis of how the institutions of the world actually work, in contrast to the propaganda fed to Americans by the five or six corporations that control most of the media.

  5. anonymous says:

    “I don’t always agree with Scott — his ideas about the Sept. 11 attacks strike me as more imaginative than credible”

    You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. (Mark Twain)

  6. Andrew Everett says:

    Thanks for sharing this interview–it has refined the way in which I view the world. It seems the USG in the post-WWII has been allowed to act with diminishing accountability as it waves the “national security” flag up higher and higher to keep “We, the People” in the dark. The term “Governing Media” which Peter Dale Scott uses seems to perfectly update the definition of the corporate MSM–it gives added meaning to the Hidden Hand which seems to shape the press so very often. The Governing Media can accomplish much even by simple omission, wasn’t it George Orwell who said “Omission is the most powerful form of lie.”

  7. Tom says:

    This week’s Bill Moyers program front lines a story on “The Deep State.” First time I heard this term mentioned in the MSM was last October by Peggy Noonan on Meet The Press.

  8. Tom says:

    Interesting how Moyers and Lofgren distance themselves from “conspiracy theorists” right up front at the start and how the origin of the term ‘Deep State’ is tokenly attributed to LeCarre a respectable and admired writer.

    Interesting how Eisenhower’s address is featured but the origins of the ‘Deep State’ according to Lofgren and ostensibly Moyers only extend back 30 years. Maybe someone needs to tell them it’s at least 50.

    Wonder what Moyers really thinks about JFK’s murder?

  9. Tom says:

    Last night I posted the last sentence above on Bill Moyers website. I just now returned to that website to post the two preceding paragraphs. What do you think? …I’d been blacklisted from posting to Moyers and Company. True.

  10. “…his ideas about the Sept. 11 attacks strike me as more imaginative than credible”~Jeff Morley

    It strikes me that Mr Morley hasn’t put much effort into the study of 9/11.
    As I have put many hours into such study, I would say the link between the perpetrators of the JFK assassination and the events of 9/11 is overwhelming; both events were directed by the military industrial complex.

    Some technical information on 9/11:

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