JFK Lancer announces November conference

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend but this get-together in Dallas on Nov. 21-22 is sure to be worthwhile.

“The goal of JFK Lancer’s conference is to have a gathering of Warren Commission scholars, assassination witnesses and historical researchers to expose what we now know of the Warren Commission evidence, in a precise manner. The 2013 Lancer conference also focused on this government farce, and, as citizens, we owe it to ourselves to continue our efforts, bringing closure to many aspects of the Commission’s report and the 26 Volumes of evidence we are left with today.”

via JFK Lancer.


  1. Ronnie Wayne says:

    Great News. I was wondering if anything was to be done. Good lineup. Affordable. I hope to be a fly on the wall.

  2. In this most appropriate context, please consider this newly posted OpEdNews commentary and it’s call to civic action: “This November 22nd, is Your Destination Dallas? – or Washington, D.C.?!

    • Ronnie Wayne says:

      Well Karl, from what I read the Washington Conference on the WCR Anniversary had some highlights but left a bit to be desired for some. It’s not really about where but what information is presented. Is it valuable to further research? Does it draw logical, documented conclusions.

      • Hi Ronnie! I don’t think you understand the purpose/value of “peaceably assembling” in petition for records release, in increasing numbers, on the public terraces of The Kennedy Center, very symbolically every 11/22 and 5/29 (JFK’s birthday). As a society we seem to have been “divided and conquered” in the sense that we’ve forgotten the most important dimension of politics is to “Just Show Up!” – accomplishing more by collective physical presence than online petitioning for records transparency can alone achieve. Not to dismiss the potential value of social media, but for example I’ve intermittently been handing out cards (mostly in front of the White House, but have also now experimented with Foggy Bottom Metro Station) promoting the upcoming “JFK Vigil” – and it’s very encouraging when, once in a great while, a group of perhaps 30-100 high schoolers pass by and one or two are VERY interested, willing to step out from the crowd and take a handful of cards, promising to later share with their fellow students. I believe he prospect of participatory, political activity to actually prompt records release will help awaken interest in more and younger people than strictly Dallas-centric and research-centric gatherings. FYI, the publisher of Washington Diplomat (a reputable monthly magazine that serves Washington’s international community), unhesitatingly accepted paid advertising in his November 1st issue promoting the 11/22/14 JFK Vigil: http://issuu.com/washdiplomat/docs/final.paper.nov14/35?e=0

  3. I join Ronnie in hoping to be a fly on the wall for this. At this time, pressure needs to continue to be advanced on those who think Oswald was the only shooter/killer.

  4. Ronnie Wayne says:

    Sorry to say I can’t finally go just listen and learn. Someone please report on it.

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