JFK Lancer announces 50th anniversary conference

“It’s Time To Take Another Look,” will be the theme of JFK Lancer’s conference on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination on Nov. 21-24, 2013. The idea, says president Deb Conway, is to focus on what is known about the assassination today, not what the Warren Commission knew in 1964. JFKLancer calls itself a historical research company that works with a network of JFK assassination researchers, some of whom are quite well-informed.

It is a timely and welcome theme. Understanding the difference between what the public was told in 1964 and what we know today is key to making sense of the JFK assassination story and its relevance for America today.

You can register for the JFK Lancer conference here.

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  1. I just finished reading, “Coup-de-tat in America: the CIA and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy”. It is an excellent book.

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