How we play with JFK

November 22 in Lego-land. (H/T The Daily Beast.)

This is affecting to me because I played with Legos as a kid, not long after JFK was killed. The image evokes a child’s view of the crime, which contrasts with the collective memory of the horror of the Zapruder film, making it more tragic and poignant. It is a souvenir of lost innocence..

The Lego recreation of Dealey Plaza is another example of how popular culture keeps the memory of November 22 fresh in our minds, even a half century later.

What are some other ways that popular culture recreates the wound of JFK’s assassination?

6 thoughts on “How we play with JFK”

  1. The problems with the SBT have a lot more to do with the angles from the TSBD, the location of JFK’s back and front wounds, having Connally in the right position to receive his wounds (including the one that enters the top of his wrist and exits on the palm side), the condition of the bullet, the chain of possession of CE399, etc.

  2. Tasteless indeed. Look’s like a whole new generation of kids are learning it’s all in fun, nothing serious about it taught in school. Some say any publicity is good. Maybe some will be curious enough to go beyond the legos.

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