Privatized history: Oswald letter going for $95,000 on Amazon

A historic letter written by accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald is selling for l $95,000 on in the Entertainment Collectibles Market.

At Justice for JFK, Joe Backes asked why the original letter, Exhibit #183 for the Warren Commission, is in private hands and not held by the JFK Assassination Records Collection at the National Archives?

And Martha Wagner Murphy, chief of the Special Access and FOIA staff at the Archives, responded thusly:

“The original of this letter was returned to the Oswald family by the Warren Commission prior to the transfer of the Warren Commission records to the National Archives. The ‘official’ CE in our custody is a copy. If you read the testimony where this letter and others were introduced, (Volume I, p.180 and 182) you will see that the Commission states that the Commission will substitute copies for the originals. The original that is on sale is not a stolen document.”

Amazon thoughtfully reminds prospective customers: “Only 1 left in stock.”




2 thoughts on “Privatized history: Oswald letter going for $95,000 on Amazon”

  1. Ramon F Herrera

    “Amazon thoughtfully reminds prospective customers: “Only 1 left in stock.””

    Unlike the backyard photos (or even Lee himself!!) of which there appears to be multiple copies 🙂

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