JFK Facts Top 5: Opening Oswald’s wallet

John Judge

The runaway winner of the best read story of the week was Bill Simpich’s inquiry into the curious case of Oswald’s wallet.

Readers also gravitated to three stories about the late John Judge, founder of Coalition on Political Assassinations.

The Top 5:

1) Who found Oswald’s wallet? (April 21, 2014)

2)  Ex-flame says Jack Ruby ‘had no choice’ but to kill Oswald (March 21, 2013)

3) What’s best recent book about JFK;s assassination? (April 22, 2014)

4) What RFK Jr. said about the murder of his uncle. (April 18, 2014)

4) John Judge tag archive

2 thoughts on “JFK Facts Top 5: Opening Oswald’s wallet”

  1. I believe there can be a lot of relevance to understanding the appearance of the wallet, as opposed to the assertion that it was recovered from the pocket of Oswald AFTER he was arrested, and the ‘story’ of which the Dallas PD was creating on different factual issues.

    From the statements of some DPD Motorcycle officers stating that they essentially saw shots hitting the road (S. Ellis) the wallet story, etc. It is almost like these clowns were inserting themselves into the drama. Factually, the proximity of 10th and Patton to the Apartment of Jack Ruby is shockingly close. Coincidence? Maybe. But then again what were the chances of Oswald and Ruby being within 3 blocks of each other during the assassination itself? In any case. The DPD story has just as many holes in it as does the story of the ‘I’m a Patsy’ (sure) Oswald.

    One can easily make a case that Ruby was to make sure that little rat didn’t make it out of that building and pending the failure of the cops to get him after they entered the building, Oswald easily figured out that he was truly a Patsy, and was headed to Ruby’s to find out the deal.

    Even in the case of Edwin Walker, one has to wonder how Oswald walked around the streets of Dallas carrying a rifle without being stopped or seen. The answer: Ruby was driving him.

  2. I recommend Bill Simpich be invited to post diaries here as often as he wishes. I make the same recommendation as to Jim DiEïgenio.

    To maintain balance, I recommend extending the same invitation to Jean Davison and John McAdams.

    All four are authors on the JFK case.

    I’d much rather have Jean or John make a coherent post and defend it than have Jean or John take potshots at various comments, which only invite retaliation and rarely provide a satisfactory airing of Jean’s or John’s view on a matter.

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