JFK Duquense: ‘a great conference’

At the Future of Freedom Foundation blog, Jacob Hornberger reports on last weekend’s conference in Pittsburgh.

He captures a gripping moment:

“When Dr. Robert McClelland began his talk via live-stream on two big screens in the room, you could hear a pin drop. He told the audience that he was a 34-year-old physician at Parkland when Kennedy was brought in and that he was standing at the head of Kennedy’s gurney for 18 minutes. He carefully described the large hole in the back of Kennedy’s head, depicting an exit wound, from which he saw cerebellum brain tissue coming out. (The cerebellum is located in the lower back of the brain.) He stated that during the 1980s, he came to Washington and viewed the autopsy photographs, which of course show the back of Kennedy’s head to be intact. McClelland said he made it clear at that time that the autopsy photographs did not correctly depict the back of Kennedy’s head, a position that he continues to hold today. ”

Read Hornberger’s complete account here.


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4 thoughts on “JFK Duquense: ‘a great conference’”

  1. That 2003 DVD includes Senator Arlen Specter backing himself into a corner while receiving some questions from Mr. Morley’s attorney Jim Lesar.

  2. The DVD set for the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination held at Duquesne can be found at INTOEVIDENCE.NET by the way.

  3. This sounds like a great conference.
    I hope that JFK facts will let us know when the videos of the conference become available and how we can purchase them.

    Always interesting to hear Dr Robert Mclelland. He always appears to speak with such sincerity and integrity. A credible witness, by any standards.

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