JFK at the movies: ”Umbrella Man,’ a story of obsession

In “The Umbrella Man,” a film co-written by Rome (NY) natives Michael and Joe Grasso, Peter Brennan spirals into grief after the death of his young son while clinging to the conspiracy theories surrounding the mystery of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Source: Local ties reign in ‘Umbrella Man,’ showing to be held at MWPAI – News – Uticaod – Utica, NY

JFK at the movies

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2 thoughts on “JFK at the movies: ”Umbrella Man,’ a story of obsession”

  1. My question is this, and it is also about Plaza Man and all the other films that either just came out or are about to come out, why do these film makers not release these films to the world by streaming them and ask for a few bucks and be done w it, I mean Plaza Man has just been confined to a shelve of some sort 9it was released a year ago and hardly anyone has seen it). What ever happened to the Warren Commission film from ten years ago? KingKill63?
    And so on, I don’t get it, why hoard these films instead of just releasing them.
    Please don’t mention piracy, the second you release it it is up for grabs no matter what you do to ‘protect it’.
    Get it out there!!!!!

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