JFK and satire

On the question of satire, a faithful reader writes to say, “Satire is problematic these days, and in the JFK case it was problematic even in 1966.”

“How can the work of Cinque, [Jim] Fetzer, Judyth [Baker] et al. be distinguished from satire?” this person asks. “Only because it is not funny.”

The internecine wars of the JFK researchers are generally dismal affairs so I try to avoid them. How to disagree with people who are passionately committed on the question of JFK’s assassination is a tricky subject.

One approach that I like is to emphasize what we agree on. For example, Jim Fetzer says a lot of things I don’t agree with but he also says some things that I think are true. LIke: “JFK’s assassination was a national security event.” So rather than satirize him, I try to focus on that.


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