5 thoughts on “JFK 3.0: Why the Warren Report is obsolete”

  1. Regarding that JFK Video:

    It was shot by Dave Powers, JFK’s aide. He began filming the motorcade and ran out of film. He then took still photos. He stopped filming about 12:17 or so. He felt the film was not useful to the assassination investigation at the time and, believe it or not, he actually lost track of it. It was his practice to make a movie of each Kennedy Motorcade. The film was discovered in with his personal papers.

    Here is a link:

  2. There are too many reasons why it is obsolete that I care to list, but to list one, let’s start with the WC’s inception. In the first days following the assassination, Hoover wrote a series of reports insisting that Oswald and Oswald alone was the assassin. Then, on November 29, Hoover and LBJ talk. LBJ asks Hoover if he heard that the Senate is looking into creating a panel to investigate the assassination. Hoover and Johnson agree that this is a bad idea, and Johnson says “I want to get by on just your report. The only way we can stop them is for me to have a group of people that I choose to conduct the investigation.” Then, the first person LBJ suggests for his panel is Allen Dulles. Of course Hoover thinks this is a great choice.
    So as we can see, from Hoover writing his bogus reports with the goal of “The public must be convinced that only Oswald did it”, LBJ tells Hoover that, “I want to get by on just your report” in response to this risk he feels from the Senate convening a panel to investigate JFK’s death. This alone establishes that from the get-go that what would become the Warren Commission was a cover up in the guise of an investigation.

  3. I’d say it’d obsolete because they really didn’t accomplish what they set out to. The memo from Katzenbak said they must convince the public that Oswald killed JFK and acted alone in doing so. That may have worked for a short while, but as “anonymous” stated, books criticizing the WC came out as early as two years later.

  4. In my view the Warren Report is obsolete because it was actually superseded by the HSCA report which concluded that there was a shot from the Grassy Knoll. I think it’s greatly unfortunate that the HSCA didn’t declare the Warren Commission’s findings as officially null and void and to be replaced by their own investigations. That way the starting off point for the JFK assassination discussion would be where the HSCA concluded rather than a 50 year old document that it had debunked. I know there has been controversy over the audio tapes that lead to the HSCA’s conclusion since then but their actual conclusion still stands.

  5. “In December 1991, American media consumers snapped up JFK 2.0, which was dropped by Oliver Stone”

    JFK 2.0 in December 1991? How about 1965? In 1965/66, American media consumers snapped up Whitewash and Rush to Judgment, which was dropped by Mark Lane and Harold Weisberg.

    The largest accessible private collection of government documents relating to the assassination. Using he Freedom of Information(FOIA), Weisberg acquired hundreds of thousands of relevant documents: http://jfk.hood.edu/

    *Whitewash: The Report on the Warren Report ,1965 ; Rush to Judgment, 1966.

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