Will James Franco be able to prevent JFK’s assassination?

James Franco to the rescue

“The Hollywood Reporter says James Franco will star as English teacher Jake Epping, who travels back in time to stop the assignation of President John F. Kennedy. The HULU miniseries, which will run a total of nine hours, is a joint project by [novelist Stephen] King and J.J. Abrams.”

King’s novel, 11/22/63, is based on the comforting but factually questionable notion that JFK was killed by one man alone for no reason. What King didn’t know when he wrote his book was how closely the CIA’s Counterintelligence Staff  monitored Oswald in the four years before the tragedy of Dallas. Mistaking such facts for a conspiracy theory, King didn’t send Jack Epping, his time traveling hero, to Langley.

He might have intercepted Lee Harvey Oswald if he had. Declassified CIA records show clearly that Oswald, the future accused assassin, was well known to a host of senior CIA officers before JFK was gunned down in Dallas on November 22, 1963. (Even Times Magazine’s favorite JFK expert, the unemployed John McAdams, does not deny it.)

Epping should have talked to Jane Roman, counterintelligence liaison officer. In real life, Roman read an article in the Washington Post on Lee Harvey Oswald’s defection to the Soviet Union In October 1959 and opened the CIA’s first file on him. Four years later, when a CIA surveillance team picked up on Oswald’s visit to the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City in October 1963, Roman was still on the case. In seeking to intercept Oswald, Epping could have asked Roman why she and her colleagues sent this very inaccurate top-secret cable on Oswald six weeks before JFK was killed.

Roman later admitted in an interview with the Washington Post that certain CIA officers (she didn’t know who) involved in anti-Castro covert operations in the fall of 1963 displayed a “keen interest” in Oswald “held on a need to know basis” six weeks before JFK’s  assassination.

One of those officers was David Phillips, the chief of Cuba operations in Mexico City. He ran the surveillance team that picked up on Oswald while JFK was still alive.  Phillips told a variety of conflicting stories about what he knew of Oswald before JFK was killed. Antonio Veciana, an anti-Castro militant who worked closely with CIA officers for close to a decade, says he saw Phillips with Oswald in Dallas in early September 1963. If only Jake Epping had been there to see who was telling the truth.

Epping could have gone to Langley to see John Whitten, chief of the CIA’s Mexico operations desk. Whitten was also in the loop on pre-assassination reporting on Oswald. When Whitten tried to conduct a serious counterespionage investigation into Oswald after JFK was killed, deputy CIA director Richard Helms and counterintelligence chief Jim Angleton thwarted his efforts and ruined his career.

Spoiler alert: After nine hours of drama, Franco/Epping will fail to prevent JFK’s assassination. This i not because, as King would have it, a little man killed a big man but because Jake Epping doesn’t know where to look. He and Stephen King (and the rest of us) can’t go back in time to prevent the assassination because we still don’t know its real causes.

via James Franco Will Try to Prevent JFK’s Assassination in Hulu Miniseries | TIME.


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  1. This was a game in the 1988 on “GUARDIANS OF INFINITY: TO SAVE KENNEDY ”

    Of course the game can’t take the easy way.. which would be to just shoot jfks’ car in the hood 3 blocks or so before the plaza. I guarantee the motorcade will change routs !

    Heck just firing into the ground with a rifle or in to the air with a shotgun would probably do it.

  2. You geniuses do know that 11/22/63 is a book of actual FICTION, right? And not War Con type non-fiction that is called FICTION, but total novel type fiction. Like made up in order to entertain. Very much like SK’s other books that have vampires and other FICTIONal characters and shit like that in them.

    The amount of energy and vigor being used to attack SK over a FICTIONal book kinda makes you guys look clownish (and not scary clownish like in IT, but silly and stupid clownish).

    1. Roy W Kornbluth

      Robb, the topic of each thread is only a springboard, by what I can figure. Some of these questions are unrecognizable by the time you get to the last comments.
      In this thread that started about SK’s 11/22/63, only 2 of the last 17 comments mention or address the novel, yours and one from a Lone Nutter. Everyone else had moved on.
      After R Wayne commented (early on), “fiction based fiction,” that about said it all on the original subject.

  3. To Willy Whitten: Yes, John Con was shot twice, IMO by LHO from a center 6th floor window, not “the sniper’s nest.” First shot: in back near rt armpit, smashed 5th rib, out under rt nipple. Second shot: (as Kellerman was slinging him across to Nellie, excised from Z film) through rt wrist from outside to inside, spraying a few particles into left thigh, and putting a BIG DING in chrome ashtray hanging on back of front seat, similar to the ding in the chrome windshield trim. This mutilation of the ashtray is noted hardly anywhere, can’t remember where I saw it.
    “Proof” that JFK’s throat and back wounds were from one bullet: 1.bottom left of Adam’s apple wound was tiny; doctors didn’t notice it until they looked to do a trach, 25 caliber at most. 2.there was a bruising of top rt lung, seldom noted. 3.the back wound, between spine and rt shoulder blade was bigger, more raggedy; the holes in shirt and coat were bigger, more raggedy, and just LOOK like exits. These three points line up like a laser and point to the far left of the railroad bridge, left of Commerce St. In Lifton’s Best Evidence, “The Osborne Allegation” p.590, “…at the start of the (Bethesda) autopsy he (Adm. O.) saw an intact bullet roll from clothing on the President’s body and onto the autopsy table.” Which bullet disappeared, of course. I believe this is that same first shot that “sounded different” like a “firecracker” or a “motorcycle backfire.” When exiting JFK’s back it could have struck the leather back seat at a point against the metal framework, and dropped behind the President’s belt and into the seat of his pants.
    Willy and anyone out there, at the very beginning of an old Nix film, once on a TV show and once on the web, I know I saw an old boxcar past the far left end of the triple overpass (RR bridge), 120′-150′ away from the spectators, police and RR employees, hanging over Elm St. Can anyone help me out? All the Nix films I see now on the web cut out this preliminary footage.
    R W Kornbluth

    1. R W Kornbluth,

      The Nix film is from the opposite POV as the Z-film. Even if something is missing from the beginning of the film it would have been looking in the wrong direction to see any traffic on Main.

      1. W Whitten,
        “Opposite POV,” true, when filming the limo where the gunfire was going on. Nix and Z were on opposite sides of Elm, pointed at each other to Nix’s left of the Stemmons Freeway sign.
        But long before then, Nix (or someone, I’m sure) panned Dealey before the parade. He said something like “I was making sure the focus and everything worked.” From around the reflecting pool, whoever it was panned from left (around the big postal building), to the right to the pergola where Z and secretary were standing. Nix or someone filmed from South Grassy Knoll to NGK.
        I believe Nix even filmed some on Houston when the limo was going right by him. The videos on the web now seem to have tunnel-vision, and concentrate on those shattering 6-8 seconds, to the exclusion of everything else, IMHIgnorantO.

        1. Well Roy, I have not seen that pan on video anywhere, but I will keep an eye out for it.
          I think there is a large panel-truck seen on Main in a very quick pan by Zapruder as he follows the limo to the underpass.

          1. Willy,
            That big panel-truck is very suspicious (not on Commerce?), as well as a pickup coming into Dealey. It looks like they were TRYing to block traffic. Some trucks on Commerce are what blocked James Tague coming into the plaza. He pulled over and walked to the south side of Main.
            Could these trucks have been picking up spotters, radio men, “mechanics”?

  4. I wrote a fictional paper in my Freshman year High School English Class. It was a story about Time Travel. Myself and some friends were taken back in time to November 21st 1963 and had to figure out how to stop the assassination. In my story we do not end up stopping it but we were able to prove the LHO was not the lone assasin. In my story the Assasins were the CIA with help by Jack Ruby to silence LHO.

  5. “King’s novel, 11/22/63, is based on the comforting but factually questionable notion that JFK was killed by one man alone for no reason….”. Really?

    Oswald found himself in a position of being able to do just what his backyard photos do. Hunt humans. Everyone is looking for some conspiracy and there has been nothing but discussion of rumor, creation of fact, and growing mythology.

    LHO was the killer of JFK. One man. One Gun. 3 Shots. He may have had help from Jack Ruby as he made a bee-line toward his home directly after the assassination.

    JFK knew he was in nut country and had announced it to his own wife. Why America can’t fathom what the real deal was, when the dead man even announced his own predicament hours before he was killed is the true crime.

    Money made by everyone seeking to create their own myth…ala Oliver Stone.

    1. I wonder what Richard Feynman thought of the Magic Bullet? I cannot imagine he would have accepted such nonsense.

      He did agree that the z-film seems to have this “double hit”, but this was before the forward motion into a bullet was established by forensic ballistics experts by slow motion photography _ the tomato can, and the lightbulb films. These forensic discoveries were made long after Feynaman’s death in 1988.

      1. Willy, I attended the Lancer conference in 2013 and saw Tink’s presentation based on David Wimp’s work on select Z-frames.

        The alleged forward movement between Z312 and Z313, as measured by Feynman for Lifton, was inaccurate because of an optical illusion caused by blurring, which Professor Thompson showed at the conference (I’ve posted those slides in earlier threads on this site months ago).

        If only Feynman were alive and given resources to investigate various aspects of the assassination.

        However, I’m not aware about the tomato can and light bulb films. Can you provide a link to more info please? Thanks.

        P.S. Tink also showed that Prof. Alvarez’s jet effect experiments were fudged to give the results that were compatible with a shooter from behind.

        1. Gerry Simone,

          “This initial transfer of energy causes the target to swell or move minutely into the force and against the line of fire. The greater the transferred energy, the more pronounced the forward movement (Karger, 2008; Coupland, 2011;l Radford, 2009).” (page 245)~Fiester

          Back spatter is blood ejected from the entry wound and travels against the line of fire, back towards the shooter. Although forward and back spatter pattern display some common features, there are also dissimilarities. Studying forward and back spatter patterns created during a singular incident identifies those differences. By differentiating between forward and back spatter in shooting incidents, the identification of the direction of the origin of force is possible (James, 2005).

          The Death of a Light Bulb:

          1. When you speak of forward motion against the line of fire, are you saying that a shot from the front really causes it?

            I’m aware of back splatter or back splash, but thanks for the additional info on it and how it relates to the head shot.

          2. “When you speak of forward motion against the line of fire, are you saying that a shot from the front really causes it?”~Gerry

            Yea, it is the weight differential for a microsecond, the head is heavier than the bullet and as the bullet just touches the head, the head resists – Action/Reaction.
            The equation doesn’t change until the bullet reaches the center of its mass.

            This same phenomena can be seen in the slomo film of the jet test crash by Sandia labs. This was a physical test to prove the calculations already extant, about the center of gravity reaching the point of collision, before the kinetic energy translates from forward momentum.

            In plain language the bullet overcomes the facade of the skull only when the center of mass reaches midpoint at entry. Then the inertia of the energy forces the head back in the line of the trajectory.

        2. Gerry,
          It might be beneficial if you were to read this article by Sherrie Fiester:

          Josiah Thompson: The Untrue Fact by Sherry Fiester

          Personally I thought the only part of Thompson’s presentation there was the playing of the Zapruder film synced to the audio from the dictabelt recording.
          His “blur analysis mistake” was not a “mistake”, as Fiester makes clear in her essay above.

          1. I have her book. Is that essay in it too?

            Is there also a link to the tomato can excerpt you wrote above? (You only gave me one for the light bulb).

            Whose blur analysis mistake? Feynman’s?

          2. Willy, thanks so much for that Sherry Fiester article. I’ve thought for a long time that there was a gumnan in that highlighted cone on SF’s map at the end of the article, the SW corner of Dealey.
            In old copies of the Nix film, at the very beginning before the parade when he’s panning the plaza, there is a flash of a lone boxcar on the very far left (JFK’s perspective) of the RR bridge, where there is the beginning of a spur. This is beyond and above the SOUTH Grassy Knoll, which is almost a mirror image of the infamous North GK beside Zapruder. But all the Nix films I’ve seen lately cut out this preliminary part.
            I believe the first shot, in the throat and out the back between shoulder blade and spine, was fired from this abandoned boxcar with the door slightly open. And one of the final three or four head-shots may have been fired from this boxcar.
            Especially for the first shot, which I believe ‘jumped the gun’–the sniper teams were supposed to fire in fusillades starting when the limo bumper was even with the Stemmons Freeway sign and Umbrella Man gave his signal–the downward angle and right-to-left angle are just right.
            I would be so grateful if you could point me to a Nix film that shows that boxcar.

          3. Well I think the ballistic evidence proves a single head shot. If there were more than that one, there would have been no head left!
            That is CSI Fiester’s conclusion as well.

            Whether from the box truck or with it as cover for a sniper behind it, the shot came from that area.

            I think another shot hit Kennedy in the back. The throat shot was the first shot and did not exit. Likely ending up in the pleura. It was slowed down by the windshield glass.

            Connally was hit from behind as well, perhaps more than once.

            I think this is evidence based hypothesis, not pure guesswork.

  6. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    I consider this part of the JFK censorship undertaken by the MSM and Foundation Funded Fake Alternative Media. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING except CIA related material is allowed. The further away from CIA the more widely it will be dispersed.

    Negative template.

    Again I ask us to contemplate the incredible stature of those who have endorsed JFK and the Unspeakable. Contrast that with the System wide censorship– which not only includes censorship in the Foundation Funded Fake Left which regularly features disinformation from Guru Noam–met with by Unspeakable. It has also been censored from two National television shows. Compare the research with those books that are given MSM coverage. System wide, there is no more censored book on earth.

    IMO this is for darn good reason. It does not go around “the system” as does Noam. It goes at the system in the sense that it proves checks and balances effectively meaningless. This has a direct impact on every classroom and airwave in America.

    For the ruling elite, an outdated model of power is a terrible thing to waste.

  7. While I don’t agree with King regarding his JFK theory, but I really liked this book. Don’t read it expecting a deep analysis of the JFK case, read it because it is a great book, easily the best by King. Or see the TV show. Regarding the murder, I would say the book neither really credits or discredits any of the theories as Jake in book actually in a way alters history. The JFK case is just a MacGuffin for the story.

    1. Andy, very true, “MacGuffin for the story.” What a shorthand pearl of a word! Hey, I cried at the very end when 30-some Jake went to Texas and danced with Sadie, 80, for the first-last time.
      The big part before then, the nasty apocalyptic world that was caused by Jack NOT being assassinated, was so non sequitur and dirty and contrived that I had to take a shower. Maybe, Andy, you’re a young fella, so didn’t see the real 60’s and 70’s. Just a few facts: violent crime doubled, we went from the world’s biggest creditor to the biggest debtor, and Nam. It was a quasi-civil war. Yet SKing had that relatively bad scenario on steroids! Nuclear winter AND George Wallace elected president? Not even in a Bosch vision of hell.
      Though there is something to say for ‘JFK as sacrifice.’ Civil rights, Medicare, the Great Society may have come faster due to his memory.

  8. The heights and depths that our intelligence agencies go to in an effort to plant “lone gunman” seeds into our textbooks, newspapers, TV specials, novels, Hollywood movies,etc. has really got to be admired – and abhorred. Not sure if this has been discussed yet but “Everything is a trick of the Rich” is a must-see video, available on youTube, for all JFK Facts’ers. It’s likely a Communist recruiting tool as the over-emphasis on our power-elite’s relationship to the Nazis is hammered away at ad infinitum, ad anuseum in this video; And, as with anything pertaining to the JFK hit, it’s important to keep your sh*t filter turned on high. However, the KGB has absolutely nailed the scenario in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63 at 12:25PM. Names are named, shooters are identified and longstanding mysteries are cleared up. This is 3 and 1/2 hours but you can fast forward through the Commie propaganda to the Dealey Plaza explanation which starts about an hour or so into the video. Again – a must see for JFK researchers. Trust me. Your thinking WILL evolve!!!

  9. Recently I wasted a lot of time reading/skimming SK’s 11/22/63. The title is false advertising; hardly any of it is about JFK. It should be titled Dancing to the Old Oldies in a Cartoonish Milieu of Puerile High School Angst. It is nearly as long, and more padded and way more off-topic than the War Con or Warren Omission or whatever you want to call the original garbage. Especially execrable is the unrelentingly miserable portrait of Lee Oswald, nothing but digs about wife-beating, failure-to-support-his-princess-in-the-manner-she-fantasized, greasy hair, blackheads-and-ACNE. No, maybe worse is the less than ONE-dimensional view of Jackie and Jack, supposedly the novel’s focus. No, I’m sorry, the worst part of this waste of paper and ink is, after 743 pages, the 2-page shoot-out in Dealey Plaza, when assassinatus interruptus LHO turns around in the window to shoot hero Jake, presenting a perfect target to all the Johnny Laws in the street below, at a very sharp angle which SK doesn’t bother to account for. And sure enough, just like in all the spaghetti westerns, the good guys rip Lee several new ones. And all the dirty Commie had to do was take a couple steps forward or hunker down. But no. Then another 100+ pages of maudlin, mindless drivel.
    I’m a gourmet of sci-fi, inc. alternate-history and time-travel sub-genres, and I’ve never seen such insanely contradictory slop.

    But here’s the really rotten shame. This fluctuates a lot: the portion of the polity who know or feel that it was more than One Lone Nut who changed our government on 11/22/63 with a Random Act of Violence. The last few years, the percentage of Americans who think the War Con is a lie has been dropping. Thanks to those like Stephen King who peddle the laughable canard to the under-informed. I think the Posners, Bugliosis, Kings, etc. are being paid sub rosa, tax-free, cash-money by the right-wing political “charities” with their anonymously donated, unaccountable loot.

    1. Damn Roy, quite a statement. My question when I first read about the book was, fiction? He could have gone either way, saved JFK, no Johnson, Vietnam, riots or Nixon. I guess someone thought that wouldn’t or maybe shouldn’t sell either.
      I read the reviews and passed.
      King’s name should help sales. As intended?

      1. Ronnie, it sounds like you remember post-1963. Violent crime and debt through the roof, Nam, the hatred between the generations, Nixon going after herb like heroine–the eristic nature of that time compared to the previous was like night and day.
        Do you think 11/22/63 started a new dark age, as I do? I see all the great music, culture, and bon homie of the Boomers as a defensive anodyne against the garbage that the fascist takeover was trying to shove down our throats.

        1. “I see all the great music, culture, and bon homie of the Boomers as a defensive anodyne against the garbage that the fascist takeover was trying to shove down our throats.”~Roy W Kornbluth

          “Cast my memory back there, Lord,
          Sometime I’m overcome thinking about
          Making love in the green grass
          Behind the stadium”~Van Morrison

          I absolutely agree with you Roy!

          One of the reason the “Laurel Canyon” theory that the music of those days was a “military plot” makes me tighten my jaw. I was right there at the time, a “Hippy” and a rock singer. There was a genuine Spirit afoot and real magic in the air.

          Deep in our hearts and souls we KNEW the beast we were up against.

  10. [Jeff Morley:]

    “(Even Times Magazine’s favorite JFK expert, the unemployed John McAdams, does not deny it.)”


    Am I the only one here who perceives a possible relationship between the appointment of a new Pope -despised and denounced by the likes of Rush Limbaugh- and the recent travails of prof. McAdams, in a Catholic university that is subsidiary of the Holy See?

    It would be great if a person familiar with Marquette U. could inform the readers whether s/he has noticed any evident policy re-alignment (perhaps a nudge in the rudder?), in the last two years or so.


    “About Marquette:
    Marquette is a Catholic and Jesuit university located in Milwaukee, Wis.”



    1. Pope Francis is a Jesuit (in fact, the first Jesuit pope).

      As a graduate of a Jesuit high school, I have difficulty conceiving of a Jesuit actually believing the Warren Commission fairy tale.

        1. lysias is correct, Pope Francis is a Jesuit

          Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bergoglio worked briefly as a chemical technician and nightclub bouncer before beginning seminary studies. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1969 and from 1973 to 1979 was Argentina’s Provincial superior of the Society of Jesus. He became the Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998 and was created a cardinal in 2001 by Pope John Paul II.

          Following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on 28 February 2013, a papal conclave elected Bergoglio as his successor on 13 March. He chose Francis as his papal name in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis is the first Jesuit pope, the first from the Americas, the first from the Southern Hemisphere and the first non-European pope since the Syrian Gregory III in 741, 1,272 years earlier.

          So what is it that Ms Photon finds “factually challenged.”?

  11. E.j. Dionne’s column in the Washington Post today talks about how obsessesed Hoover was with Communism, he was so driven that he even suspected that conservative politicians who weren’t strongly enough against Civil Rights were closet Communists.

    Now imagine a Marine defector returning from the Soviet Union and try to believe that Hoover wouldn’t have his every bowel movement recorded. It’s impossible.

    Yet a key tenet of the LN theory is that this Communist defector was allowed to move back to the US almost totally ignored by the authorities. Not a chance in a million that could be true.

  12. Right you are Willy. I read the book when it was first published and was disappointed to find that this great author based his time travel novel on Warren’s ill-conceived conclusion; Thus allowing the media to use King’s novel to continue planting the “Oswald as lone gunman” seed into the minds of post baby boom generations. You won’t find a public school History text book that suggests any conclusion other than “Oswald as lone gunman”. It’s tantamount to school text books from the 50’s that portrayed African American slaves as happy, well-treated, well-fed folks who spent the day singing, dancing and enjoying their families.

  13. At first glance this mini-series just seems like more silly TV. But really this is a continuation of the repetitive propaganda line by the Public Relations Regime that Oswald was a “lone-nut”.

    “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth.”~Joseph Goebbels

  14. Stephen King has said he’s “95% percent sure there was no conspiracy” in the case. I’m more than 95% sure he’s wrong.

      1. I’m surprised he wasn’t 100% sure, King said his most useful sources were Posner, Mailer and Epstein (for the fun factor).

        Where did his 5% doubt come from?

        He ought to have been embarrassed to release a book on such an important issue based on so little research.

    1. Maybe even Stephen King would have difficulty getting his books published and turned into Hollywood movies if he said anything else?

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