Jack Antonoff riffs on JFK’s assassination

Best known as the nerdy-looking frontman for pop rock act Bleachers,Jack Antonoff is much too thoughtful to be a pop music celebrity. . Though he broke into the mainstream as the guitarist for Fun, Antonoff also wrote a hit song “Brave” with Sara Bareilles, and wrote and produced three tracks from Taylor Swift’s latest record.

In his free time, Antonoff is a student of the JFK assassination.


Jack Antonoff, JFK Scholar

Jack Antonoff riffs on JFK

Asked about the causes of JFK’s death, Antonoff said,

“… Regardless of what happened, I’m insanely fascinated with it. That doesn’t particularly answer my question, but I’m just insanely fascinated with it because it’s the first documented time where the government lied to the American people. At least that I can think of. Obviously, the government has lied many times in history, but this was one where there was a video, they said something happened, and it seemed like something different happened in the video. It’s very reminiscent of when I was growing up, then 9/11 and the war after that. It was just too crazy to imagine and everyone said it was. So I think a little bit more about the aftermath, but my theory is that it was mob related.”

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