Its a wrap! NatGeo finishes filming ‘Killing Kennedy’

The National Geographic has finished filming for ‘Killing Kennedy,” a feature film based on Bill O’Reilly’s book of the same name, according to The Washington Post. The book isn’t very good so hopes for the movie are not high. I think the film will be mostly interesting as an artifact in the annals of denial.

Rob Lowe will portray JFK in the film. In addition to Lowe, the movie will feature Ginnifer Goodwin as the first lady and Michelle Trachtenberg as Marina Oswald.

For more on the cinema of assassination, David Mamet’s upcoming JFK flick and Tom Hanks’ politics of reassurance, read on.

1 thought on “Its a wrap! NatGeo finishes filming ‘Killing Kennedy’”

  1. Nat Geo & the Discovery Channel have made it quite clear that they believe Lee Oswald alone shot at & killed President Kennedy. Those of us that have been following the case since it happened catch them fudging on their re-enactments & in some cases (like omitting JFK’s guards tailgating him in their car during the ambush on Elm Street)attempting to re-write history. You have to watch them on the spectator attack films too, they leave out some frames here, more frames there. Those visuals analysts around the globe know why this is being done. They have released some very clear images too but one has to suffer through the agenda driven BS to get to them.
    Those two media giants have continued the assault on an intelligent, informed global audience that began just after the ambush happened & have managed for several decades to push honest, integrity driven investigative journalism back to non-existence IMO. It is quite evident Allen Dulles’ Operation Mockingbird didn’t die when he did.
    On the other hand, if the public went for ‘Wooly Bully’ & ‘Gangnam Style’ this just may be the hit of the season.

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