‘It was necessary to pacify public opinion’

George de Mohrenschildt, a geologist and engineer who had a friendship with Lee Oswald in 1963, on the Warren Commission.

“Now let us ask ourselves a question: was there a conspiracy of the part of the Warren Committe members, this powerful and impressive group of people, to promote a deliberate lie, to inculpate an innocent person?. No, I don’t think so, they acted naively and sheepishly for a purpose which seemed right to them and good for the country. The country was in an upheaval, it was necessary to pacify the public opinion. And the dead eccentric is the easiest subject of condemnation. Personally, I think that such a mentality is tragic and detrimental to this country.”

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  1. The problem with all the CTs is that no one has a plausible scenario how conspirators got Oswald working at the TSBD. Not ONE book I’ve read even takes this on. Not Road to Dallas which has the most details I’ve seen on Oswald’s activities leading up to the assassination I’ve seen, not Summers, not Douglas, nobody even mentions it other than making vague allusions to Ruth Paine’s motivations. Not enough.

    CTs can micro-analyze the assassination in minute detail but have no explanation for this key aspect? Thats as disingeuous as the WC defenders glossing over all inconsistencies.

    So after 50 years we’re left with highly suspicious activities by Oswald and the CIA prior to the assassination, an obvious cover-up of some kind by the FBI and CIA after Nov. 22, but no explanation how any conspirators engineered Oswald getting a job in the building on the motorcade route.

    Has anyone seen a credible scenario how Oswald gets a job in the TSBD other than pure happenstance?

    1. Yes, Ruth Paine neglected to inform Oswald of the better paying job that was available to him. Why..?

      Do you know who owned the TSBD, and who his friends were..?

      1. The evidence of conspiracy doesn’t fall apart if you can’t come up with a sinister explanation about Oswald getting a job at the TSBD. If it hadn’t been there, the conspirators could have engineered some reason for him to be in Dealey Plaza on one pretext or another. As to the owner of the TSBD, I believe that Harold Byrd owned it. Oilman, involved with LTV Aerospace (the company that employeed Mac wallace), I believe one of the founders of the Civil Air Patrol. Well connected and powerful figure in Dallas.

        1. MBall, good job of making some connections in this tragedy. Oilman Byrd’s ownership of the TSBD no doubt puts Mac Wallace up in the 6th floor. We must recall that Wallace killed some people who had information that could have ruined LBJ as a politician.

      2. Maybe Oswald was put in a position to need another source of income. Perhaps his uncle put him in touch with old friends.
        Perhaps the reason why he left the money with Marina was because he would be picking up a bigger sum that day for services rendered. Perhaps that is why he went home after playing his part, what ever that part actually was. A better question might be “who owned the Texas Theater”? I mean really owned it- the way “Wilber Clark’s Desert Inn” was owned-not by Wilber himself.

    2. With all due respect, I’ve always found this line of argument (a favorite of Chris Matthews BTW) a fallible one.

      Who says that the final strike point HAD to be at the TSBD? If you believe that there is evidence of a conspiracy, and that it reaches the highest levels of government, you actually think conspirators wouldn’t have several potential sites in play 6 weeks before the actual day of the shooting? Logic dictates several contingency plans in a plot of this magnitude.

      Another potential strike point could have been have been at the airport, which would make the Trans-Texas Airways baggage job VERY useful. Could have been at the Trade Mart — which was reported to be a security nightmare — in the event of rain extending into the afternoon on the 22nd. It’s not like the shooters had to set up for several days and nights to be in position. Additionally, the motorcade route was changed sometime in the week leading up to the 22nd from what I’ve read…so maybe the ‘patsy’ was put in place first, then the President was moved into the desired position once the location of the ‘patsy’ was determined.

      What if the plot in Chicago had been successful? Or the one in Tampa? Then we might be asking how Thomas Vallee (sp) got his job at the printing factory and no one would know have ever heard of Lee Oswald.

      A lot of this isn’t really knowable since those who could have crafted this plan are long since dead. I would guess that the biggest reason no one writes about it is because it would be purely speculative. What we DO know is based on the available evidence it is highly unlikely that one person could execute this assassination alone, and there is compelling evidence that LHO didn’t even fire a shot.

    3. The problem with all the CTs is that no one has a plausible scenario how conspirators got Oswald working at the TSBD.

      There are more important aspects of the assassination then this one you raised, which nullify the lone gunman scenario.

      At the end of the day, it’s not important if Oswald was a gunman or not.

      What’s more important is that he was NOT a LONE gunman, IF he indeed was a gunman.

      You should read Barry Krusch’s books Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald.

      In one of those books, he examines a declassified phone record which was doctored before used as a WC exhibit for a conversation between Michael and Ruth Paine which actually took place before Oswald’s arrest IIRC. The phone operator overhead that conversation a bit, and the juicy part was Michael saying that Oswald COULD have done it, but that they really know who did. He denied that he said this to the WC.

      The damning evidence is that the actual phone record time stamps that conversation on the day of the assassination before news gets out LHO’s arrested, but the WC exhibit has it time stamped the day after (IIRC).

      1. “At the end of the day, it’s not important if Oswald was a gunman or not.”

        Maybe it’s not of the highest importance, but it IS important, especially in examining how the case was manufactured against him. See: paraffin casts and the evolving statement of Charles Givens, for example.

        1. Ok but you must include my sentence following your quote for proper context.

          Basically, it’s more important to establish that he was not a lone gunman than a sole assassin.

      2. I think that you make a valid point. It wasn’t a state secret that Oswald worked at the TSBD; did his uncle know that he was working there? If so, it isn’t hard to believe that a certain New Orleans “businessman” could have known also and rapidly set in motion a plot. I will admit that this implies that Oswald knew that something was going on, but that could be anything from being a shooter all of the way to being a paid decoy told only to stay in the building, no questions asked.

  2. JFK Researcher Greg Burnham:”In September of 1976, George DeMohrenschildt was subjected to 9 electro-shock treatments at Parkland Hospital under the order given by one, Doctor DeLoach… first cousin of FBI Assisstant Director Cartha “Deke” DeLoach. His “doctor of record”, Dr. Mendoza, ordered the administration of intravenous “drugs” upon DeMohrenschildt’s being committed to Parkland Hospital for “mental problems” – but it was DeLoach that ordered the Electro-Shock Therapy. This episode occured during the time that George Bush was the Director of Central Intelligence and within weeks of DeMohrenshildt’s having written a manuscript for a book entitled, “I Am A Patsy! I Am A Patsy!” which named names of various CIA and FBI personnel who framed Oswald to cover their tracks in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.”

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