Its official: government shutdown shutters the CIA

“Absent an appropriation, Department of Justice attorneys and employees of the federal defendant [the CIA] will be prohibited from working, even on a voluntary basis.”

That’s the gist of a legal motion, filed Tuesday by U.S. Attorney Ron Machen in federal court in Washington DC, in response to the governmental shutdown.

In short, our CIA and Justice Department are not functioning today. Feel better? I don’t.

Machen requested that “all current deadline for the parties [in Morley v. CIA] be extended commensurate with the duration of the lapse in appropriations.”

If and when the shutdown ends, the CIA will have to respond to my latest declaration in the case.

You can read Machen’s motion here.



1 thought on “Its official: government shutdown shutters the CIA”

  1. S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

    Well sheeesh….Jeff, I didn’t think the Government would go to such drastic measures to keep the CIA from releasing their records, now they have a legitimate excuse! 😀

    Ok….just kidding…..

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