Is the government hiding something about JFK’s assassination?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes. See our authoritative list of the Top 7 JFK files the CIA still keeps secret.

You can do something about it.

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  1. Gerry Simone says:

    The very fact that the WC files were locked up in the first place reveals a lot.

    If this was a simple case of a lone nut communist, why oh why did they have to lock away the files?!?!

    Even if National Security is the reason, it can only mean these possible scenarios:

    1. That Lee Harvey Oswald had fingerprints of intelligence;

    2. The various government agencies screwed up & covered their ass;

    3. That the government was blackmailed as per Waldron & Hartmann;

    4. That a conspiracy and a coup took place, even by a few.

  2. echelon says:

    The government is clearly holding back information relevant to the JFK assassination, and probably for a number of quite different reasons. Not all of these reasons are nefarious, however, and we each need to retain an open mind in our quest for the truth. It is important also never to say that solving the case is too difficult. We just need to be honest with ourselves about what we mean by the word “solving”.

    Perhaps, an alternative approach would be to have something akin to the South African Truth and Reconcialiation Commission, which would enable the many thousands of totally innocent members of the intelligence services to come forward. So many people in those services must have a small piece of the jigsaw, but feel powerless to present it to the general public.

    I also feel that we do our cause no good when we chastise people like Bob Blakey, who have broken ranks in just a teensie weenie way in recent months and years.

  3. Clarence Carlson says:

    I am currently finishing Gerald McKight’s book and I find his perspective as an historian enlightening. One of his points is that nearly every intelligence service in this country had LHO in their files: CIA, FBI, ONI. The ONI clearly sanitized their files. The FBI developed amnesia and the CIA simply classified everything, never to be seen again. Transparency was never an option and likely never will be.

  4. Larry Schnapf says:

    Cass Sunstein is no longer with the government so this petition would need to be redirected.

  5. Jonathan says:

    “Is the government hiding something about JFK’s assassination?”

    To paraphrase Bill Clinton, the answer turns on the definition of “hiding”.

    The Secret Service destroyed all of its JFK-related files in the 1990s. So that the ARRB couldn’t review them.

    Robert Bouck of the S.S. allegedly held a “burn party” of JFK autopsy films in 1964.

    The CIA claims it is withholding JFK material in accordance with the law.

    I guess the S.S. can say it’s not hiding anything (now); and the CIA can claim it’s just following the law.

    The current cast of characters in government are merely maintaining the cover-up. They need an incentive to break ranks and come clean.

    Warren Buffett offered $1 billion to anyone who could correctly pick the winners of all this year’s NCAA tournament games. He’s going to get to keep his money following a number of first-round upsets. Mr. Buffett should use his wealth for a more socially useful challenge: $1 billion to anyone who produces slam-dunk proof of who was responsible for JFK’s death and for J.D. Tippitt’s death.

    Such proof may exist in a box in some attic or in some government vault. Who knows, Ruth Paine may be able to produce such proof. A billion dollars could be be pretty tempting.

    • GM says:

      Has anyone did an audit type thing, for the information that was destroyed by the various American government agencies, in regards to President Kennedy’s assassination?

      The Secret Service obviously destroyed files on the Chicago plot, and the other things Jonathan has mentioned. I think I read in Anthony Summers’ book that military intelligence destroyed files on Oswald after the assassination. The autopsy results were burned immediately after the autopsy itself. The FBI destroyed Oswald’s note to their Dallas office. The taped conservation between President Johnson and Hoover abut Oswald being impersonated in Mexico City was destroyed as well, although there is still a transcript. I was reading Bill Kelly’s article JFK Research At An Impass and Jonathan’s post reminded me of the subject.

  6. Tim Fleming says:

    100 years from now, when the true history of the 20th century is unearthed, so-called journalists of our day will be ridiculed for their collusion with sinister and murderous intelligence overlords. Future man will wonder why Americans sat idly by and watched as the Dulles brothers and their cronies were allowed to secretly rule the country. And why the most vile and corrupt president (LBJ) in our history was allowed to get away with his organization of the plot to murder his predecessor. And the cabal of the wealthiest will be exposed for what they were–the ruling plutocracy.

    Tim Fleming

  7. JG says:

    Perhaps the CIA or FBI knew he shot at Walker and did nothing, it would probably be something like that if there is anything, CIA knew Oswald was a loose cannon. Or nothing.

  8. Brad Milch says:

    Jeff, some startling info from Alpha 66 leader Antonio Veciana revealing David Atlee Philips & Maurice Bishop are the same person has just appeared on the Internet today:

    Phillips is on your list. Perhaps the Agency is working with your transparency efforts via an indirect route?

  9. Ronnie Wayne says:

    One answer would be another question. Have they ever hidden any illegal activities from us before? That’s a deep deep hole. How about just in this case? CIA sponsored Mafia attempts on Castro?
    Joannidies role as case officer for the DRE? That role kept from the HSCA. His paying for the first “Castro Did It” disinformation news article the day after the murder? Just within this case this could go on for pages.
    With their track record why would any reasonable person believe they are not still hiding relevant information that should be public?
    Dulles said it best. He would expect them to lie under oath.
    Free The Files.

  10. Marcus Hanson says:

    “Is the government hiding something about JFK’s assassination?”

    About the assassination,per se? Not necessarily.
    There may be some issues kept not so much secret, but private,for valid reasons,such as protecting wholly innocent people or their relatives.

    But are any government agencies ,per Jeff’s central contention, concealing a stronger pre-assassination interest in Oswald than ever acknowledged?
    Yes,for sure.
    Jeff,see my recent note to you which,=if= the report is correct,may add considerable weight to your contention.

  11. Brad Milch says:

    Jeff, do you get a feeling that the public is being played with this withholding of records situation?

    Add that to recent media announcements of an alleged secret JFK assassination film the media didn’t bother to verify itself even existed. Is a pattern developing?

    What’s the purpose, finding another David Koresh willing to stand up to government abuse to be massacred?

    • jeffmorley says:

      Yes, I do feel the CIA is playing with the public on the 1,100 documents, that is to say, the Agency is abusing the public trust. If these materials are truly not relevant to the assassination, they can be reviewed and release without harm to U.S. interest or to any individual. If there are the names of living sources they can be redacted while the bulk of the information is made public.

      As for those media reports about Dealey Plaza footage, that just appears to be hype. The failure of the media to check it doesn’t surprise me. I don’t think the failure to check related to government behavior.

      As for your question about Koresh, I don’t understand it.

      • D. Olmens says:

        Mr Morley, after re-reading your “Top 7 Files” post I was wondering if you knew whether Anne Goodpasture is still alive?

      • Brad Milch says:

        Jeff, in case I failed to clarify my Koresh comment, I meant it in reference to those among us (particularly in radio announcing) who feel some or all of our Government taunts its citizens in an effort to flush out the more radical & punish them. They see hiding information about JFK’s murder as an ‘in your face’ dare to upset the public to the point where someone strikes back in a way that can be justifiably punished. A similar ‘in your face’ analogy might be Russia’s recent annexation of Crimea. Some view it as a dare to do something about it. Same as for withholding this nation’s history from its citizens. That’s what I meant.

    • Alex S says:

      There was a recent disturbing article on in which long-time lone nut propagandist Dave Perry talked about a possible CIA conspiracy, and which article ended by asking if the American people would really care if the CIA HAD killed Kennedy.

      It is hard not to wonder if a new limited hangout is in the works.

      Anyone genuinely interested in fleshing out the internal conspiracy which killed JFK CANNOT stop with the CIA and its anti-Castro operations. The upper levels of the CIA and its corporate patrons in the milieu of Allen Dulles, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Eastern Establishment cannot be ignored. Nor can various branches of military intelligence (ONI, G-2/various MIGs, Air Force OSI, DIA), the Joint Chiefs, and the retired officer corps.

      That is not to say that all of these elements were necessarily involved, but any future revelations about CIA involvement must NOT be taken as a dead end.

      • Harton Firmin says:

        Having reviewed Dave Perry’s website I would hardly call him a lone nut propagandist. He is as equally dismissive of Posner and Bill O’Reilly as he is of James Files. I think he serves the necessary purpose of being skeptical of both sides when little or faulty evidence is supplied. As to his comment regarding the American public, after fifty years of state sponsored roadblocks, who among us has not allowed a note of cynicism to strain our voices. Many Americans do accept the official story and many don’t care. Sad but true. Yo, Alex, I’m on your side.

      • TLR says:

        Dave Perry is not a lone-nut supporter. He is a very cautious CT researcher who was friendly with Harold Weisberg.

        Sadly, as more decades pass, fewer Americans will care about the JFK assassination. How many Americans would be interested to learn that there was more to Lincoln’s assassination than Booth’s little group of conspirators? A few, yes, but it is “ancient history” to most people by now.

        • Gerry Simone says:

          I think Dave Perry is middle of the road but haven’t read all his stuff.

          I think he’s a tenacious researcher and will look for defects in an account or theory.

          I’ve corresponded with him in the past and have read an article or two.

          He may still do private tours around Dallas.

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