In memory of Ed Sherry

The esteemed JFK researcher Malcolm Blunt writes:

“My closest buddy is gone; the ‘Frog’ {aka Ed Sherry) }is no more, and what a great loss it is, not just for me but for all of us who knew him. I first met Ed Sherry twenty one years ago in Dallas (where else?) and we became firm friends from the very start.”

Malcolm Blunt, leading JFK researcher

“Malcolm Blunt the eccentric Englishman and Ed Sherry the quiet American.

“Over the years I visited the U.S. National Archives many times and always ended up staying down in Lake Worth, Florida, with Ed in his beautiful old home. He was always the perfect host, and we shared a common interest in flea markets, antique stores and yard sales, so those visits were often very hectic with many early mornings.

[Alan Dale of JFKLancer interviewed Blunt recently. Go here to hear the conversation.]

“Over the years Ed’s mailing list expanded exponentially, at the last count well over 700 people were on the receiving end of his forwards. Ed was a very special person, he put his hand in his pocket on so many occasions to help people out, quietly without any fuss; some people experiencing hard times received money to survive, some got money for air tickets and hotels when a JFK conference was in town … He was always thinking of others.

“Such a kind, kind human being. And I must say he always had the patience of a saint, especially in dealing with me!!! … My often bizarre requests for assistance such as the transportation of a large collection of JFK books and documents from the U.S. to the U.K. was handled with his usual quiet efficiency. He managed it all; his interest and quest for knowledge remained undiminished, even in his last weeks. I visited with him he was as sharp as ever and was keenly interested in the two conferences in Bethesda and Alexandria.

“Ed knew his days were numbered but had such great stoicism and dignity, that which is so much of his generation. So farewell, my dear friend, Malcolm, or as nicknamed by Ed …’The Phantom'”…



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