A reader’s defense of Black Op Radio

Mark de Valk, editor of Dealey Plaza Echo, the journal of JFK assassination researchers in the United Kingdom, writes in defense of Len Osanic.

“May I also add voice to the JFK research communities’ overall support of Len Osanic’s ‘BlackOp Radio’ website and archive. Len has worked tirelessly (producing a weekly show) since 2000 to promote, and provide a platform for, JFK researchers (and witnesses) to disseminate, discuss and debate their findings. May I also add that Len spent a considerable amount of time with Col. Fletcher Prouty and has produced a dynamic archive of Prouty’s recollections, anecdotes and reflections. “
“I would urge you to view the archive and contemplate it’s relevancy; surely a reasoned student of the case and studied truth-seeker would see BlackOp Radio as one of the most prodigious of sites, providing relevant and useful evidentiary accounts and material aimed at informing the public, whether novice or seasoned researcher.”
Kind Regards,
Dr. Mark de Valk
Editor Dealey Plaza Echo

4 thoughts on “A reader’s defense of Black Op Radio”

  1. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    Where is the earlier JFKfacts reference to Black Op Radio. I remember seeing an earlier reference to the show, on JFKfacts. Mr. Morley, referenced “the often excellent Black Op Radio sometime around April. Now I cannot find it. I’m sure it is there. How about a link.

    Black Op Radio is a great show. People should spread the links around and also the new apps.

    We need to especially emphasize those shows which show the long, passe duree of the National Security State, so that people can see the long term historical significance of the CIA’s Coup.

  2. It would be nice for a website who calls itself JFK FACTS to at least get facts on articles they write. For more than a decade I have a weekly show Called “Black Op Radio” Can you at least get the name right in the title and Tags.

    1. Len, what you are doing in your video presentations on Y/Tube is not only magnificent in educating a global public but also is a directional signal for others to follow to get their research visible to the masses. This counteracts print & TV blockage efforts. The public is hungry for the truth of what happened to JFK & who was responsible.

      Some of your guests on your radio show have followed your example, others need to get busy with video presentations IMO.

      PS: Are you going to get into the ambush visuals alteration allegation area? If so, I’ll hold off on posting a presentation I am working on showing people where the darkening artwork applied to the Weigman film can be seen on their PC’s, focusing on the man who uncannily resembles Frank Sturgis & his companion, historically misidentified as the Hesters.

      I try not to release anything that is on the same day you release your latest 50 Reasons For 50 Years episodes that I am a fan of.

      Incidentally, I learned of those video presentations here at Jeff’s website. He’s on your side, Len.

  3. I’ve been listening to the Black Op Radio site for the past twelve months, have listened to just about every episode in that time and Len does a great job interviewing people and has great guests. It’s an important show – and I do not agree with every guest and I’m sure Len doesn’t either, but he lets people talk and have their say. No one has all the answers here.

    But there are some people who do not. McAdams for one. If you doubt it I would suggest anyone try to go on his group and simply ask him a few questions and disagree with him and see what happens.

    No one has all the answers, but there is truth and the world is not flat.

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