In 1963: a blog about the events leading to the assassination of JFK.

I’m Jeff Morley and I am going to start blogging this week about the events of 1963, recalling key developments in the JFK assassination story as they unfolded day by day, fifty years ago. All these posts will appear under the “In 1963” tab on the home page navigation.

The plan is to note and explain the most significant events, by date, that led to the assassination of JFK? Email me your suggestions about important dates of 1963 and I’ll add them to the chronology .

For the rest of this month (Dec. 2012), Rex and I will be posting about the events of December 1963 in the aftermath of JFK’s assassination.

Come January 1, 2013. I will start blogging about the events of January 1963, thus reverting to events preceding the assassination. The goal is to establish a factual chronology of the the events that culminated in JFK’s death on November 22 1963. All these posts will appear under the “In 1963” tab on the home page navigation.

Some of these events will be well-known, others obscure. I have learned from the best books on the subject; from friends in the JFK research community; from own reporting on the JFK story for national publications; from my research for Our Man in Mexico, a biography of Win Scott, the CIA’s top man in Mexico in 1963; and from my ongoing lawsuit against the CIA for JFK assassination records.

Over the course of the coming year, “In 1963” will follow several story lines.

–We’ll track the progress of President Kennedy and brother Bobby as they attempted to forge new policies toward Cuba and Soviet Union against intense opposition from the national security agencies of their own government.

–We’ll watch the maneuvering of Fidel Castro, the young communist leader who was disenchanted with his Soviet allies, worried about CIA assassination plots and intrigued by peace feelers from associates of JFK.

–We’ll see Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby quarreling with the exotic dancers who work for him  while hoping to ingratiate himself with organized crime figures.

–We’ll follow the accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, dabbling in leftist politics, as he makes his way from the Dallas to New Orleans to Mexico City and back in late 1963.

–We’ll report on an aspect of the JFK story that has only come into the public record in the past 15 years: the actions of certain senior CIA officers who were monitoring Oswald’s actions as he made his way to Dallas.

And we’ll include other relevant stories along the way. Email me your suggestions.

3 thoughts on “In 1963: a blog about the events leading to the assassination of JFK.”

  1. There are a number of important chronologies, beginning with Mary Ferrell’s, but that’s incomplete as it has not been kept us, as Ira D. Woods has maintained his, and Walt Brown is composing another one. It would be beneficial to combine the best of all the JFK assassination timelines and chronologies. The HSCA also put together a chronological bibliography, which is useful because it shows you when we came into certain knowledge and learned things. That should be updated to today, and a complete anthology of articles and media programs of 2013 events should be started, and maintained every day through the year. Volunteers should be able to keep up this survey.

  2. I hope as many people participate in this as humanly possible. Jeff is offering a way for people to literally re-write the history of the JFK assassination. Good ideas and good feedback can make a collaborative project like this work. Let’s toss a donation towards the project while we’re at it!

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