3 thoughts on “ICYMI: The mystery of Oswald’s wallet”

  1. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    I don’t like the label of mystery for Oswald’s wallet. It’s a problem leading directly to conspiracy facts. As Simpich states, the wallet is the only evidence of Oswald carrying an ID of Hidell, the man he had referred in New Orleans as leader of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and that reappeared in Dallas as the one who made out the money order for purchasing by mail the rifle shipped to Oswald’s PO box and officially linked to the assassination.
    There is no need of taking part in the dispute FBI Barret versus DPD Bentley for establishing a conspiracy fact. The WC crowd said Hidell ordered a 36″ Mannlicher-Carcano carbine, but the DPD found a 40″ short rifle at the TSBD. The provider, Chicago’s sporting good store Klein, did not put scopes on the 40″ rifles and we all have seen that the one found at TSBD had a scope.
    The handgun linked to Tippit´s murder was also purchased by mail. It would have been delivered to Oswald by Railway Express Agency (REA(, which should have sent a notice card to Oswald’s PO box. Oswald would have had to produce an ID and a certificate of good character to get the handgun, while REA must have kept the record in compliance with state and federal laws. However, as Jim DiEugenio has noticed, there isn’t any evidence at all for the transaction described by WC regarding the handgun.
    We have not only an additional wallet —handed by an unknown man to the DPD at the Tippit’s murder scene— to the wallet the WC said was taken from Oswald after his arrest at the Texas Theater, but also a third wallet in evidence that DPD said Oswald left at the Paine’s home the very morning of the assassination.
    Let’s infer then to the best explanation. Does anybody can argue against the fact that DPD suppressed the Oswald wallet at the Tippit’s murder scene to avoid the charge it had been planted after the fact? Does anybody can argue that Hoover wasn’t right when he called LBJ on the morning after the assassination and told the very fresh President that “the case as it stands now isn’t strong enough to be able to get a conviction?”

    1. I appreciate the above comments and realize they are well thought out, however, I still have problems with this wallet issue. To me it’s perhaps the biggest mystery. I tend to want to side with something more logical and Bugliosi on this matter.
      I know Marina was under duress and pressure but I don’t think she would necessarily tell one lie after another. She verified the Alek Hidell ID and continued to do so after her daughters were grown and pressure was alleviated. She even brought out the fact that Lee’s name sounded too Chinese in Russia and he needed a new name.
      I’m sure a lot of people don’t realize how they are implicating Marina in so many of these conspiracy theories. Some of them make her look very guilty. I know we don’t realize it until we look at them closer.

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