ICYMI: ‘Lee Harvey Oswald Was a Friend of Miine’

Best JFK Song Ever? Homer Henderson sings about a sad day in Uh-merica.


Asylum Street Spankers?


What’s the best song about JFK ever?

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  1. “Seconds”, from the Human League’s “DARE” album, is a hauntingly detached ’80s synth-based song about JFK’s murder, using TV and Z-film footage.

  2. I’ve not thought of it in years but on the country side… In about 1990 one of Garth Brooks first big hits was “The Dance” and it featured footage from Love Field of JFK and Jackie getting off the plane, red roses, shaking hands with the crowd.
    After a web search using multiple combinations of phrases for this particular CMT video I can’t find. Lot’ss of other versions do.
    For example:
    Am I just getting getting old and paranoid or is this weird?
    Or am I showing my dysfunctional abilities to search the web?
    TimBuc 3’s “Waves of Grain” was not a big hit, and while surprised I couldn’t find it I kind of blew it off.
    I mean you can find damn near any music video on the internet.
    Makes me wonder if Operation Mockingbird is not still singing these days on the internet.

  3. Just a couple of interesting ones: “The Warmth of the Sun,” written by Beach Boys Brian Wilson and Mike Love the night of the assassination. The words aren’t specific to the assassination, but they tried to capture what they called the “spiritual” essence of the moment. And did it brilliantly.

    “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead.” This XTC song deals with the event metaphorically but very clearly. Video is even more on the nose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYupSHWEJxA

  4. Phil Ochs has a piece about Kennedy called: “The Crucifixion”
    I don’t think it was made for one’s “listening pleasure.” …and it’s a brilliant piece of music in my judgement tailor made for it’s theme.

  5. Much better version by them than the one I found by the spankers for the previous post of this thread.
    On that thread Nathaniel mentioned “Waves of Grain” by TimBuc 3. I can’t find a version of it where you don’t have to give up your facebook info. Guess I’m displaying my age/technological incompetence here. Can anyone else help? I’d like to see/hear it.
    Here are the lyrics.

  6. The best song of the 1960s about the JFK assassination was Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence” — a veiled reference to the official and public silence concerning the clear signs of conspiracy in the JFK assassination and the Oswald murder.

    By the late 1960s, Mark Lane, Sylvia Meagher, and Josiah Thompson had torn the Warren Report to shreds. It got so bad, CBS did a fraudulent report on the assassination in 1967, and LBJ convened the Clark Panel in 1968. All in an attempt to bolster the Official Story.

    The Official Story was blown out of the water by the Church Commission. And then by Geraldo’s showing of the extant Z-film.

    But then began a coordinated counter-attack. Not against the Warren critics but against JFK. A hand full of highly publicized books told Americans JFK was a lousy, womanizing president who basically deserved what he got.

    The JFK case always has been a matter of hardball when the critics start getting too close to the truth about things.

    Homer Henderson’s song is a light and pleasant diversion.

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