ICYMI: A conversation with Howard Willens, Warren Commission defender

In an exclusive interview with JFK Facts, Willens talks about his naivete about the CIA, what he thinks of Mark Lane, and how history will view the Warren Commission.

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  1. Bill Simpich says:

    Willens and Rankin were at a meeting of CIA officers on March 12, 1964, discussing what the Warren Commission should be discussing in public.

    Willens asked “how do we know Oswald is not a CIA agent”. Dick Helms told him that he would have to take his word for it.

    The memo (written by David Murphy of the Soviet section) states that it was “the combination of (Oswald’s) visits to both Cuban and Soviet Embassies which caused the Mexico City station to report this to headquarters”. Very odd, because no pre-assassination memos indicate that any of Oswald’s visits to the Cuban compound were ever reported to headquarters.

    Helms then said that “the very existence of these telephone intercepts had to be very carefully protected”.

    Did Willens realize that the failure of the Mexico City station to ever report to HQ that Oswald had visited the Cuban compound prior to 11/22/63 was never reported to the American people? That was pretty fundamental, as this memo shows. What’s wrong with him?

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