AllGov calls for release of CIA’s JFK documents

David Wallechinsky, editor of, the bureaucratic watchdog site, highlighted “11 Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See” in Monday’s Huffington Post. Number three on the list are

the 1,172 CIA documents in the National Archives JFK Assassination Records Collection, that are still being withheld in their entirety. JFK Facts and Bill Kelly’s JFK Countercoup blog have been calling attention to this batch of records for some time.

Wallechinsky shares our concern:

It’s been 49 years since President John F. Kennedy was shot to death in Dallas, yet the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) insists that more than one thousand documents relating to the case should not be released to the public until NARA is legally required to do so in 2017…unless the president at that time decides to extend the ban. It would appear that some of the blocked material deals with the late CIA agent David Phillips, who is thought to have dealt with Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City six weeks before the assassination.

Huffington Post article: “11 Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See.”

Sign the petition calling for the release of these documents.

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