#HowtoSolveJFKin2014: If the courts don’t work….

I agree with Karl Golovin about the need for a public vigil in the case of the suppressed CIA files on JFK. Public protest is not my thing but if the courts fail then we may not have a choice. So I endorse Golovin’s call for a meeting and the Kennedy Center is as good a place at any. I’ll be there.

(Full disclosure: Golovin has some opinions about the Sept. 11 attacks that I disagree with.)



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  1. Mr. Morley, You’ve made my day. In fact, you’ve made the year to date with that endorsement of the concept, which I hope to be of continuing use in the follow-through phase!

    FYI, as we speak I am working to have the “video” revised for a new upload to establish a preliminary event on May 29, 2014 (Facebook JFK activist Diane Antonio has promoted in that venue that there should be simultaneous JFK birthday celebrations all over the world that day – Amen! And with a “Free the Files” to “HonorJFK’ emphasis!). The newly updated video will not replace the original, but announce the new May 29th focal point and include minor technical changes, such as attribution of the “Free the Files. Find the Truth.” poster used for COPA’s 2013 JFK/Dallas Conference to creator Gene Case and the remarkable concept/organization he left as his legacy, http://www.AvengingAngels.org.

    Having just learned of Gene Case, I am privileged to remind the records research community of the wise perspective he shared on how to make progress in the JFK/Records and other matters of consequence:

    “At one small gathering of key JFK researchers for a weekend he asked ‘Is this just a hobby for you guys or do you want do something about it?’”

    “His slogan for Avenging Angels, Inc. was ‘It’s time for the better angels of our nature to start kicking ass!’”

  2. Whatever you do – be sure to use Governor Jesse Ventura. Ventura knows the subject – he wrote a book last year: They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK

    Ventura also has a new show:
    Off the Grid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTiCSlRuOjU

    Ventura, said the Internet broadcasting format will free him from the interference. In 2003, he signed a three-year contract with MSNBC — but they didn’t let anyone on the air who disagreed with the Iraq war. Ventura got paid for three years and did nothing.

    Full disclosure: Governor Jesse Ventura has some opinions about the Sept. 11 attacks, Gulf of Tonkin and USS Liberty attacks that you probably disagree with.

  3. WHERE? EVERYWHERE. Anybody anywhere who has a basic understanding of Conspiracy Reality should speak out. Organized gatherings in most especially in targeted important cities and areas. Dallas and Fort Worth, New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, Pennsylvania, LA/Hollywood/Southern California, Vegas, New York, Wall Street.
    Celebrate Freedom on the 4th of July. FREETHEFILES.

  4. Efforts should be made to establish contacts for such purposes in major US cities with connections between them immediately.
    HOW? Through the internet, facebook, whatever, here I guess. Not the msm. How else? You tell us. Person to person in the
    churches and the bar’s, college groups?
    WHEN? NOW.

  5. Bravo to you Jeff. The KC with overflow makes for a good place in the “seat of government”. What about the rest of the Nation?
    It should be a National issue in other cities. If something could be done in the D/FW area I’d be proud to help though I don’t have the time or resources to lead such an effort. Maybe some researchers could lend their names/connections to such an effort.
    Many more can and should take an active part from grass roots to experts. How, When Where?

    1. Ronnie,

      It hasn’t been posted here previously, but based on the concept of Facebook JFK activist Diane Antonio that there should be simultaneous, global events to Honor JFK on the anniversary of his birth, 5/29/14, I’m going to bump up the current Facebook Event page to that date (still keeping a “placeholder” on July 4th as likely, intensified followup event date, and/or the repeat window of 11/22/14-Kennedy Center Honors 2014, early December 2014). So Ronnie, how about leading the charge to draw support together for something in your area 5/29/14? I have reached out to real professionals to establish/operate what could be an umbrella website for coordinating events and interest as http://www.HonorJFK.com.

      1. Interesting. When I view your video thru the Honor link it has a pop up google add for degrees for cia officers. I’m not sure what to do but will try. First, that day is a Thursday this year so I’ve thought about a lunch time gathering (bring your own)_or after working hours.
        I guess most would consider Dealy Plaza the best for the venue in the D/FW area. Which to those bold Dallasites who might do something: Go For It.
        I’ve thought about the relatively new JFK statue in Worth Square next to the old Worth Hotel (now the Hilton). This is where JFK spent his last night, ate his last meal, and gave his last speeches. A place where hi light still shined when he left it.
        More later.

  6. Jeff, I believe what is working against you & all others pushing for the early release of the withheld JFK records is the very word ‘early’. This is a loophole for those in responsible positions to let the issue resolve when the release date in 2017 is realized & leave any unhappiness for those in appropriate positions of power to deal with at that point in time.

    Another factor is time; 50 years have come & gone since president Kennedy was attacked & murdered. The country & the world survived the ordeal regardless of what really transpired & who orchestrated it. There are those in power positions who feel ‘history can wait’. I believe trying to budge persons with those mindsets are your principal obstacles in achieving your goals this year & until 2017 is upon us.

  7. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    I think that the most important variable would be a coordinated (at least compared to the militant non-coordination of right now) effort on the internet to get the Why It Matters aspect of the assassination out into the public, and circulating, yes I said circulating among the public.

    Around 2011, a debate arose about the best way to prepare for the 50th anniversary. Many were still legal oriented or petition oriented. I boldly cried out that there was a need for greater media access (this meant online because all other Capitalist media is off-limits for sentences including both terrer combos “JFK” and “CIA”.

    Instead JFK folk kept posting to each other in their own private capillary-internet groups and avoided the arteries where way more people are.

    “SOLVING” the JFK case has to involve the recognition that “knowledge” is politically mediate and socially constructed. Any solution to the case must of necessity involve way more people cutting and pasting into internet arteries rather than confining the universally significant nuggets of JFK research to the Siberia of JFK internet sites. — My Righteousness, Nathaniel Heidenheimer

  8. On the issue of freeing the files, there’s a lot of discussion about 1100 documents to be released. A “document” can include a huge number of pages.

    The watchdog group OMB Watch issued a report in 2002 saying an ARRB employee reported that “well over a million CIA records” related to JFK’s assassination remain outstanding.

    That number of “over a million” doesn’t include FBI, Secret Service, Naval Intelligence and other records.

    It would be great at the height of a campaign to successfully obtain 100,000 signatures within 30 days to free the files. If that is done, the White House has promised to respond to the petition. We should consider asking Avaaz or another professional petitioner to work with the research community to take it on.

    1. Just got a email from change.org/Bill Kelly regarding more people signing the FREETHEFILES petition (which I did a while back). Checked out the White House petitions link and saw nothing there. There are some oddball petitions there (deport Justin Bieber/don’t deport him). Is there a way to coordinate these efforts?

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