#HowtoSolveJFKin2014: Go to the Kennedy Center

Karl Golovin’s proposal: Meet on July 4th, 2014, for what he calls a “Constitutional Assembly for CIA/JFK Files Release” in Washington, DC.

He proposes the JFK Center for the Performing Arts as the gathering spot, as seen here and here,


Suggestions already heard: Do not protest in the presence of President Obama. It’s not appropriate.
Questions to be resolved:  Would CIA Headquarters or National Archives be more appropriate site for an assembly on JFK records? Why not all three?

7 thoughts on “#HowtoSolveJFKin2014: Go to the Kennedy Center”

  1. The way to get the word out is social media. It relies heavily on sharing. I have organised a few rallies and protests using only Facebook. The one for our anti spy laws, or what we called the GCSB protest got 700 people in our town square. Of the protests I have been to in this city over the last 10 years the largest I have ever seen was 200. I made a facebook event and we handed out fliers at the local university.
    The main stream media is dead. Anyone who is interested in joining an event like this is waiting for the info to come to them on their newsfeed, in a tweet or for it to pop up on their dashboard.
    For this to gain momentum people have to share and share it with their networks. People also want to help, but if they can’t attend the event they would like any help they give to not take longer than say a minute. Simple instructions on how they can help and why it is helpful are good too.

  2. A perhaps best media venue for spreading interest in the July 4th Event is via the Kennedy Center itself, notably the official Facebook Page: “The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts”. On 1/11/14 and again just now, I’ve posted brief introductory comments and links to the video “Your Invitation to Honor JFK” in their “Posts by Others” section. The posting from 1/11/14 is still “up,” prompting me to think that’s not by mistake! We might just be amazed to find there is active support from within the Kennedy Center management for “clearing the air” through immediate release, in full, of all the CIA/JFK Files! I will more fully explore this, perhaps via an intermediary such as the ACLU. It would be very good news for the Kennedy Center’s management to be truly welcoming of the 7/4/14 JFK Vigil for CIA Records Release! Imagine if the video and event links were even to appear on the official Kennedy Center website?!

  3. First, how do you get the word out? The corrupted Main Stream Media is not an option. The commitment of it to objectivity has all the backbone of a snake. This means you can’t put the issue before the viewing, reading, listening public. Even with a willing, paying benefactor would magazines accept ad’s, or would ad agency’s put up bill boards? I don’t think so.
    When you do a general search on msn for Kennedy Assassination or JFK Assassination you get McAdams and Murder Solved unless you go to page 3-4-5 for this site, CTKA, Mary Ferrell, Lancer and others (or not at all for some). Is there another way to get it out over the internet or other social media?
    An “old fashion grass roots campaign” could be helpful but not persuasive enough in and of itself. MLK had his Black brotherhood, persecuted throughout history, to call on for his million man march. The 60-80% of Conspiracy Realist’s in the USA don’t care enough to do anything like this on their own.
    With the combined efforts of people like Mr. Stone and yes Ventura for their name recognition and ability to get msm attention, and the full, concerted backing of the Research Community (I.E. CTKA, Mary Ferrell, History-Matters, EducationForum, Lancer and many more very important sites), and a few grass-roots people something important could be done. IMHO. Big IF.
    But IF SO, it’s time for Brainstorming. No Idea is to outlandish. Mr. Golovin has hit on a brilliant idea but needs help. Maybe not from the MSM. How can the word be spread?
    Please respond with Public Comment by all concerned from the Famous to the Infamous.

    1. From a marketing standpoint to be honest, a unified message is important. For example, Celebrate Freedom on the 4th, Free the JFK Files.

      1. Better yet, Celebrate Freedom. FREETHEFILES. As a hook to inquire further. Could work on a T-shirt or bumper sticker (ha,ha). Like I said, brainstorming…….

    2. Ronnie,

      The direct link to the July 4th Facebook Event page is via http://www.JFKvigil.net. Please go there and sign up, even if just maybe” attending at this point. A best way to spread the word is actively joining in and personally extending “Your Invitation to Honor JFK” to others, asking that they replicate the process. If high visibility figures in the JFK/Research community, such as the Moderator of this site, themselves join in early and actively encouraged others to join in, that could prompt viral spreading of intent to participate. I am hoping the video and event may receive mention in prominent JFK related media events, such as the 1/31/14 UNLV event: https://jfkfacts.org/assassination/news/celebrating-jim-garrison-at-unlv/

      As for “branding,” – “HonorJFK” is easily remembered and, amazingly enough, the .com/org/net domains were available and I have acquired them; http://www.HonorJFK.com should soon be a website and that domain currently forwards directly to the YouTube video, which itself “brands” the name/image “JFKvigil,” as is also the Facebook Event name. “JFKvigil” is the name of my twitter account, @KarlGolovin. I am learning both Facebook and Twitter, welcome advice on how best to use them. Perhaps signing on an experienced Facebook/Twitter administrator, especially the Event page, is a good idea. I hope the July 4th Event will soon be a recognized future event by Facebook Group: “Release JFK Assassination Records Now!” https://www.facebook.com/groups/113396402136384/. Of all the JFK groups on Facebook, the members of that group seem especially likely to quickly join in and virally spread the word.

      More ideas later. For now, there seems merit in recognizing the potential of tweets replicating virally. One I’ve sent out is: “To Free the CIA/JFK Files http://tinyurl.com/pku42rx Commit http://tinyurl.com/k8mn8vs Share Your Invitation http://tinyurl.com/nuombka” . The last link is to a story about the power of sharing – whether grains of rice, as per the story, or “Your Invitation to Honor JFK” – to quickly multiply participants.

  4. Karl Golovin’s Invitation to Honor JFK is a good expression of President Kennedy’s declaration, “One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”

    Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Mr. Golovin on JFK Lancer: Conversations.

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