#HowtoSolveJFKin 2014: stage a ‘civil obedience’ vigil for full disclosure

At the Kennedy Center

The video of Karl Golovin’s one-man JFK full disclosure protest at the Kennedy Center got a burst of Reddit love (vote it up here!), as well as critical approval from many readers.

Golovin is proposing a mass assembly at the Kennedy Center on July 4, 2014, to call for release of all of the CIA’s secret JFK files. (See JFKvigil.net for more information.)

In the reader reaction, I see possibilities for consensus on how to act in service of decisively clarifying the JFK story in 2014.

Jonathan said, “I don’t know who Karl Golovin is, but I applaud him for his Gandhi and King-like efforts. We need a thousand more like him. He reveals the face of indifference and oppression on the part of the insiders.”

John added, ” It’s time to take to the streets. The Kennedy assassination and coverup are directly relevant to what’s happening now.”

George Simmons welcomed the idea,”It is one thing for us to sit at our computers and post these messages, but another to get out there and have the courage to do this in person, openly, and with a willingness to accept the risks.”

But Hans Trayne expressed discomfort with the idea and suggested JFK skeptics confine themselves to the written word.

“I find intellectual civil disobedience a far better option for expressing unhappiness over perceived injustices as opposed to creating a public scene & risking being arrested or beaten (or both).”

Melvin Fromme warns against demonstrating at any event where the President or First Lady is present.

“Contemplating any type of demonstration or protest at an event containing the President & the First Lady is a recipe for disaster in any country.”

BIll Kelly said the Kennedy Center is not an appropriate venue.

“The NARA [National Archives and Research Administration] or the CIA are more suitable targets of value, and we shouldn’t try to antagonize the Kennedy family but try to get them on the side of opening records.

Ronnie Wayne wonders, “Could this concept be expounded on on a major city basis? Especially cities like Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas and Washington/Boston and LA as they are relevant.”

Golovin himself took issue with the idea of characterizing his actions as “civil disobedience.” He wrote:

I would prefer characterization of “peacefully assembling to petition” for this “redress of grievances,” that the CIA/JFK files be immediately released – holding our government accountable to transparency – not as “disobedience,” but a necessary and beneficial process of very “Civil OBEDIENCE!” It is rather those suppressing the exercise of First Amendment rights as a “protest,” or “disobedient” who are being uncivil.”


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11 thoughts on “#HowtoSolveJFKin 2014: stage a ‘civil obedience’ vigil for full disclosure”

  1. This is fabulous! Way to go Karl. Direct action is where it’s at this year if we ever want to pry those last files free from the CIA’s grip. I wish so much that I could be there. I fully support and will promote this action.
    As we say in New Zealand: Kia Kaha! Stand Strong!

  2. Karl, your actions at the center and the related video are more than I’ve seen anyone else do in this respect. As far as speakers bringing variability to the agenda… I didn’t figure it would be a day (or afternoon) full of speeches but 2-3-4 of the most knowledgeable on the subject of the files and their need to be free. Anyone speaking should be requested to, and, trustworthy to stay on topic. I would hope they would do so in a respectful but possibly demanding and/or inspiring tone. My other thought on speakers was regarding attracting a crowd large enough that MSM could not ignore the issue. I couldn’t envision that many people coming out to just mill around and discuss the issue amongst themselves. I wasn’t suggesting a rock concert by 1 or 2 songs by 1 or 2 persons known for speaking out on important issues, this also in relation to attracting a large crowd. Once again, you’ve already done more than any of us in this respect. Spread the word.

    1. Ronnie,

      Well said! Yes, I can see the value in very limited number of highly credentialed and credible speakers on not just the JFK aspect of this, but CIA and government secrecy in general. Daniel Ellsberg comes to mind:). Within the CIA/JFK Files issue community, I can think of several and hesitate to suggest any for fear that once started the list would necessarily expand. I don’t think there would be value in having 15-20 speakers, as recently happened down on the mall in support of curtailing NSA privacy violations. Mark Lane absolutely should speak – and it will be a pleasure to moderate the coin toss over whether he or Daniel Ellsberg speaks first, vs. delivering the “Last Word!” I would delight in the privilege of introducing Mark Lane on such an occasion. And in response to an earlier question about using a run for political office as a means of elevating public awareness of the CIA/JFK Files issue, I did just notice that Rep. Moran is retiring and it seems I am meant to make home in Alexandria, VA for the foreseeable future. I don’t know if either party would enthusiastically welcome a candidate launching their campaign on this issue. I hope both would. I’m waiting for the phone to ring:) (305)531-8381. My inclination is towards independence, perhaps even a Constitution Party candidacy. In Alexandria, thankfully it would be hard to win except as a Democrat. As I worked in Ron Paul’s campaign 5 years ago, they might think my politics would preclude being on the ballot with a “D” adjacent my name. That wouldn’t matter so much, I don’t think I’ll be changing positions on matters that seem clearly rooted in the Constitution and should stay that way. It would be a privilege to help, I hope, raise the level of awareness and actual debate instead of politically correct soundbites on related matters.

    2. Ronnie,

      As I’ve mentioned in some notes forwarded to the Moderator, I still find it most important that we seek to virally, exponentially expand the numbers of people scheduling themselves to be physically in Washington on 7/4/14, let’s call them a potential “Million Patriot Posse” (in waiting), upon arrival very actively and peacefully demonstrating Massive Civil Obedience – let’s call it MCO:). Not disrupting traffic. Not getting too congested, overflowing as necessary into other public venues, as down by the Mall. The entire purpose of gathering is to accomplish a redress of grievances, not to be entertained or serve as a venue for other than focused communication and action. Expectations could too easily gravitate towards a concert, or a speaker-a-thon, delivering other than useful, applied information to accomplish immediate objectives. Not a gathering just to have fun, to be entertained, to have a long list of speakers scheduled just to avoid stepping on toes of many in the JFK research community, those who have truly fought the wars and carried the water in preparation for this day. Victory should be elegantly and gracefully accomplished, not with undue, premature dancing in the end zone. First things first. The stage is already set for checkmate on the files issue, it’s just a matter of the public showing up in a very orderly and Civilly Obedient manner to require it. Grace should be shown in victory. Kennedy Center Honors next year should prove the occasion for a new kind of celebration, as JFK’s legacy will have been honored by release, in full, of all the sealed records. All we need do is rely upon the positive protections and provisions of our Constitution.

  3. The 4th is the perfect time to do this in terms of the connection between celebrating our freedom and FREEING THE FILES. As it is on a Friday this year I suggest the 5th to allow a day’s travel time each way before and after for those who are not close by to help increase attendance.
    Mr. Kelly mentioned the venue. I’ve never been to DC but looking on google maps it doesn’t look like it would hold 10,000 much less a million. From the same view it looks like across the street is the Lincoln Memorial with lot’s of room in front of it. I think MLK spoke somewhere close by once to a pretty large crowd.
    Speeches by the most knowledgeable researchers about the CIA and the issue of FREEING THE FILES, interspersed with music by musicians known for political comment, Springsteen/Petty plus?
    Maybe an opening/closing prayer/moment of silence?
    Also in regard to the location he mentioned using the Kennedy Center as a staging area. Having never been there I wonder if it would work for a conference of those most knowledgeable speakers and others on HOW to FREE THE FILES on the 4th or 6th?
    How do you get the word out with out the MSM? Here, CTKA, many other website’s. Facebook, youtube, hashtags and so many more way’s an older guy not that fluent in the latest technology doesn’t know.
    As far as antagonizing the Kennedy’s, after seeing and reading RFK JR’s comments in Dallas and Rolling Stone I thought they/he might support the idea. He seemed to have an interest in setting the record straight, which I respect.
    Along with Mr. Kelly.

    1. Ronnie,

      I posted elsewhere thoughts that this will be a very somber and serious occasion, to break into joyous celebration only if the CIA/JFK Files have by then been released, with Mary Ferrell Foundation or comparable verification. Speakers would tend to bring variability to an agenda that can be easily reduced to well publicized writing in advance, even updated to the minute via Twitter and such tools. A rock concert/ Springsteen, etc.? I don’t foresee that as at all compatible with the objectives of a focused citizenry. I rather like the idea of at appropriate times, loudspeakers (at the Kennedy Center, any overflow area – such as down by the Mall) should proclaim the voice and words of JFK speaking the entirety of his 1961 speech to journalists on the topic of secrecy and the media. Perhaps later/ also – even in celebration of the records having been released, a demonstration of actual reining in of CIA to the extent of its cooperation in producing the full, un-redacted files – the words and voice via loudspeakers of JFK’s American University speech calling nor for a “Pax Americana,” enforced by arms, but truly peaceful relations between nations http://www1.media.american.edu/speeches/Kennedy.htm.

      1. I guess I’m not foreseeing this as an opportunity for those “politically ambitious” to take the stage and digress, rather for JFK to be honored by renewed appreciation for his seldom revisited words on the important, very timely topics of secrecy and peace. Those closest to the actual CIA/JFK Files issue may perhaps best be able to discern, in advance, how to discern the potential for best and successful application of political pressure created by such a large, objective-focused gathering. I believe symbolically, the 4th is much more important and inviting of success than the 5th, as crowds already gathering for fireworks, etc., will have begun to disperse. The 4th, early in the afternoon (12:30pm) is late enough to allow timely arrival of those traveling earlier in the day, yet still early enough to theoretically not impact evening plans….for the party celebrating accomplished release of the records, of course:)

          1. Actually I’ve thought of this before. It is a moot point in Texas the way the state has voted the last 25 years. It has merit. Changing Democracy within. Would you or Jeff consider running in DC? Mr. DiEugeino in California?

  4. I believe that peacefully assembling to petition could be a force for good with relation to the JFK assassination.
    I feel it should target the CIA and the fact that they are illegally witholding files that are assassination related.
    If successful, this could focus attention not only on the fact that the CIA are still witholding these files 50 years later, but also on the level of deceit that the CIA showed towards the WC and HSCA which is yet to be explained.
    Hopefully, it could focus attention on George Joannides, and how the CIA committed a criminal act in intentionally misleading the HSCA.
    These files belong to the people, they are being illegally witheld, and if peacefully assembling to petition can bring attention to this issue, then that can only be a good thing.
    I hope this is a venture we could all join. This is not about pro-conspiracy or anti-conspiracy, but pro-transparency.

    1. George,

      The clear focus is on the CIA records, starting with those prioritized by JFKfacts that I’ve nicknamed the “CIA SEVEN Most Wanted Files.” The best visual and contextual focal point for Constitutionally Assembling is on the public terraces of the Kennedy Center, perhaps overflowing towards that section of the Mall between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, as would likely be the natural flow of such a gathering. I think you’re absolutely on target that this about transparency in the biggest way possible, on an issue that withholding transparency can’t be justified another day: How can 1100+ files remain secret to any legitimate end if “Oswald and Ruby each acted alone.” If they did, what can possibly be in the files. If there’s anything in the files, it suggests either one or the other didn’t act alone, or that other parties were intricately involved in the assassination (and/or its coverup).

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