How TV will cover the JFK anniversary

Exhaustively, says the NY Daily News, listing 18 broadcast programs coming this month.

Why such attention to JFK’s death?

Because Americans want a credible explanation of the crime and most people do not believe the government has provided one.

9 thoughts on “How TV will cover the JFK anniversary”

  1. Operation Mockingbird, this is what our taxes go to.
    I know wicikpedia is not the best of sources…..
    This all makes me sad. I can only hope some of these will serve to spark enough interest that some will seek more info and find sites such as this one. Personally, I’m compiling a list of sites to e-mail to friends and family for an alternate take on this. I guess it’s up to us to spread the truth. COPA plans to stream their conference. Trouble is, if you just search for “copa” the site does not come up. Search for Committee On Political Assassinations.

  2. It is amazing that not one project based on conspiracy research got through the CIA-controlled Hollywood gatekeepers. They have a complete shut out. Amazing. Not a movie, a doc or a show. Stunning, but I guess easy to do and should have been expected. We will eventually be forced to memorize one book each on the assassination and meet in a field once a year to exchange dvds and recite the jfk book we memorized around a fire pit.

  3. There is no difference in them.They will all be spreading the Oswald did it tale and bash conspiracy and those whose investigations lead to

  4. Every one of these reeks with a. . . well, whatever is the opposite of a “must see.” Every one toes the WC line. How is that possible, with 500 cable channels? Sheesh.

    ‘Though that suicide bomber one from Smithsonian might be interesting.

  5. the “cleanup man” who washes cars, four months in the job? Given the ace spot behind JFK’s car? Accidental shot? that’s good.

  6. Agreed. Unfortunately, besides the specific logistics of the assassination in Dealey that day, the set-up, the cover-up and who ran it are all now fairly obvious if you take the time to look.

    It’s all a matter of marketing now. And contrary to the what the other side may say, the conspiracy theory proponents have nowhere near the marketing clout of the lone nut theorists.

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