How the Warren Commission misrepresented JFK witnesses

JFK researcher Walt Brown talks to Len Osanic about the Warren Commission’s curious and selective use of witnesses, including:

— Interviewing witnesses in groups, a practice usually avoided by law enforcement officers
— Asking more questions of character witnesses than of witnesses to the crime
— Cutting off Abraham Zapruder when he started to raise the possibility of two gunmen

Brown is the author of the four volume “Master Chronology of JFK Assassination,” available in hard copy or ebook form.

19 thoughts on “How the Warren Commission misrepresented JFK witnesses”

  1. In any serious study of the assassination of President John F Kennedy & the extremely troubling finding of the Warren Commission, one must strongly focus in on the following three subjects….

    A) The failed assassination attempts on JFKs life on Nov 2nd in Chicago. plus the second failed attempt in Miami on Nov 18th before Kennedy finally & fatefully arrived in Dallas on Nov 22nd. These three facts alone utterly destroy the Warren Commissions findings that there was no conspiracy in the making, but rather displays that there was in fact, a gigantic conspiracy on a national level to murder the sitting President.
    B) Follow the evidence of people who had pre-knowledge of Kennedy’s assassination on the Nov 22nd & what happened to many of them! Do take particular notice of the Rose Charamie case. From this one woman’s case alone, one has to wonder if the ‘alleged’ assassin, young Lee Harvey Oswald was actual broadcasting his intent for to the entire world to hear or by far more lightly, that he was a low level intel pawn, being maneuvered & crafted into position to take the rap… and always remember this young mans, famous words “IM JUST A PATSY”!!!
    C) In the long years since the fateful day in Dallas, take notice of private thoughts that have become known to us from key people who closely orbit this horrible case… LBJ. J Edgar Hoover, Roy Kellerman, E Howard Hunt, Nixon & many, many others. Very tellingly, In a last phone call to brother before his death, a weeping David A Philips (ex-CIA) admitted to his brother that he had been in Dallas on the day of the assassination… His brother knowing what this meant, reacted by slamming down the phone in disgust! Says it all really.
    Put all these telling statements together & it speaks of a truth that the Warren Commission never even tried to get close to.

  2. Anyone who posts as anonymous is totally gutless. My words, my name, and my image appear. Otherwise, GUTLESS.

  3. In my opinion, the manner in which the Warren Commission treated Jack Ruby during its questioning of him at his Dallas jail cell breaks the back of their credibility. The key pages are in Vol. V, Pp. 191-198.

    Ruby made clear he could not tell everything he knew unless he was allowed to testify in Washington D.C. Earl Warren responded it would be of great difficulty to do this and essentially told Ruby, “No”.. This was a lie as the Commission had subpoena power. Ruby also made clear his life was in danger, and not because of the guilty verdict in his murder trial.

    On P. 198, Ruby began to open up. He said Oswald was innocent of killing the President, but that he, Jack Ruby was guilty. He claimed an organization was involved in Kennedy’s death and mentioned retired Army General Edwin Walker as one of its chief men.

    Ruby paused and asked Earl Warren if Warren understood what he was saying. And Warren had the brazen audacity to say “No”. A thirteen-year old would have understood exactly what Ruby was saying. We must not forget how Ruby got into the Dallas police basement and shot Oswald with perfect timing.

    No matter how nutty some may regard Jack Ruby, the Commission had a solemn obligation to get everything it could out of him. This they refused to do by not taking him to the one place he said he could tell the whole story. This is a clear case of obstruction. And a clear case of Earl Warren conducting the investigation with rank dishonesty.

    By itself alone, this event forever destroyed any claim the Warren Commission had to integrity.

  4. What about an eye witness like, Mary Bledsoe? She had rented Oswald a room for one week. After the assassination, they say Oswald boarded the same bus she was on. Cecil McWatters, the bus driver remembered Oswald because he was banging on the bus door to gain entrance. Bledsoe recognized Oswald. On a bus she would have a good close up of him. She described him as looking not his usual neat self as she had remembered him. His shirt sleeve was a mess, his shirt hanging loose and undone, dirty and his face distorted. Not evidence that he had shot anyone but evidence that he had been involved in some encounter with someone or something.

    1. If Bledsoe saw Lee Oswald as she described, why didn’t anyone in the Book Depository mention this? Several people saw him right after the assassination and noted nothing unusual about his appearance. An eyewitness isn’t reliable evidence. Everyone sees something a little different.

      1. What was the atmosphere in the book depository after JFK was killed? People were in shock, preoccuped, running around in a panic. A number of them admitted that they weren’t really paying attention to much. Maybe they didn’t take a good look at him. And remember that Lovelady was there. Oswald’s own mother admitted she thought Lovelady was Lee. She couldn’t tell the difference. Perhaps someone else thought Lovelady was Oswald. Maybe Oswald was already on his way out of the building.

      2. And Max, Mary Bledsoe had the advantage of seeing Oswald in a more relaxed atmosphere where she could get a better look at the man. There were only five or six people on that bus at the time. She remembered him as usually being neat in appearance so the change would really have made an impression on her. She was a more reliable witness. I think some witnesses are important. Her testimony just shows that he had encountered something….she noted his face seemed distorted.

  5. The Warren Report was/is a disinformation campaign document, from inception of the august members on the commission, to the delivery of the “bound and scripted whitewash” handed to LBJ before cameras feeding the images of “ponderous, official decorum” to the world – Cut! Just a second…replay that scenario!? Does this position posit that the official “story” is not how the events of Dealy Plaza actually occurred? Yes! In fact, we don’t have to prove any other scenario; we simply show that the Warren Report is not a legal document and was not tasked with finding conspirators behind JFK’s assassination. The Warren Commission and its Report was tasked with finding the “truth” (which is always relative to one’s perspective)in the JFK assassination.
    The Commission decided the “truth” was that LHO shot JFK, firing 3 shots at the motorcade; and, LHO also shot DPD Tippit. Two days later, Ruby shot LHO; neither were part of a conspiracy. 50 years later, the Commission’s “truths” are rejected by the majority of people on planet Earth.

    1. And 50 years later, the evidence proving Lee Harvey Oswald’s guilt is still there on the table, like it or not. All of those bullets, guns, shells, prints, and his guilty-like actions etc., are still there for all conspiracy theorists to continue to ignore and/or pretend it’s ALL been “faked” or “manufactured”.

      But if ANY of the evidence that hangs Mr. Oswald is legitimate (and who besides a rabid Internet “CTer” could possibly even begin to believe that ALL of it was fraudulent, including the Tippit evidence?), then Lee Oswald is almost certainly guilty of murdering both JFK and Officer Tippit. It’s as simple as that.

      Plus, this sure doesn’t sound like a crooked Commission to me. What kind of a Commission (with “cover-up” and “whitewash” at the forefront of their collective minds) would operate in this manner?…..

      1. “and who besides a rabid internet CTer could” Mr. Van Pein et al,
        The only folks that are rabid on the internet are those folks trying to stuff that 888 page Warren Commission down the public’s throat. On this forum in some cases, every other reply is from the “Big 3”, Paul May, The Professor or Ms. Jean. The so called “evidence” presented in the WC is not evidence at all. Evidence would be Grand Jury testimony or a trial. Most know that the evidence that you purport is rock-solid like “all those bullets, guns, shells…” is not rock solid at all. Of course, the major and only suspect at the time in not only the crime of the century but the biggest crime against the office of the President (save Lincoln) L. H. Oswald, was handcuffed to policemen while policemen watched as he was gunned down in their own building. The authors of the fairy tale even including a “tell”, the lengthy discussion of Jack Ruby’s mother’s teeth. That discussion cements the Warren Commission forever in the non-fiction section.

  6. Where are the audio tapes reportedly made during the Warren Commission testimony process (as reported in numerous post-testimony interviews)? According to some people that gave testimony sometimes the recorder was turned off & then back on. Who has the tapes? Are they part of the unreleased material the public has been waiting over 50 years to be released?
    I’m particularly intere3sted in what Abraham Zapruder had to say. In his published written testimony Zapruder discussed film alteration, that he thought he cleared the Stemmons sign & didn’t recognize the structure surrounding the reflecting pool as being what he filmed, among other unclarified Zapruder comments. Without the tapes, there is no way of knowing if what any of the testimony is accurate & true or a fabrication of words.

  7. The list of such occurrences is astounding and it’s not limited to the statements.
    Beinavedes (sp?) threatened, brother shot, changed ID of O.
    Powers and O’Donnel, front shot, then no front shot.
    Malcolmb Perry, throat entrance wound 3x, after talk w/SSA Moore, could have been exit.
    Statement of Victoria Adams recently revealed by Barry Ernst in Girl on the Stairs.
    Jut the tip of the iceberg.

  8. Thank you for running that piece. The full statistical matrices that prove the event(s) were done by the “Dulles Commission” are available in both “Treachery in Dallas,” and “The Warren Omission.” I stand behind the statements I recorded for Len 100%. The Master JFK Chronology, cited in the tease to this, is not available in “hard copy” unless you want all 32,000 pages; it is a CD rom or a series of e books, and contains the material cited herein–and much more.

    1. steve kasarsky

      Walt, why was there no investigation into who Jim Marrs dubbed the guy as the Dark-Complexioned Mystery Man in his book “Crossfire”? I am currently digging into this man’s past because I am confident he was my neighbor in the 60’s. He was the man who sat next to Umbrella Man,the man who had straps around his waist and the man who had his right hand raised as seen in the “Z” film with what looked like dark black straps on his raised hand. If it can be determined that he was Military Intelligence would that be enough to publish? I have put together a manuscript which was trashed by the FBI. It is an incomplete document as I am still in research phase. If interested please contact. I was a Latent Print Specialist with FBI in the 70’s and 80’s. Thank You

  9. One important question is whether the Warren Report constitutes “evidence” for purposes of the law. It does not. It was never meant to have legal significance, only to convince the public there was no conspiracy.

    What the Report has done quite effectively is shift the “burden of proof” to Report critics. Report defenders know this and wield the burden-of-proof argument on this site.

    That is why, in my opinion, any decisive clarification needs to begin with a well-founded, complete repudiation of the Warren Report. So that the playing field becomes level and there are no a priori presumptions as to guilt or other matters.

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