How many Dealey Plaza witnesses said they heard shots from multiple locations?

Where did the shots come from?Mike from California asks a pertinent question:

“How many witnesses [of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy] said they heard shots from multiple locations?”

There are couple of different ways to answer that question.

Here’s a high-quality compilation of what 216 witnesses said.

Here’s a comparison of four credible surveys of witnesses in Dealey Plaza.

My note on problems of eyewitness testimony.

Plus: 21 JFK cops who heard a grassy knoll shot.

6 thoughts on “How many Dealey Plaza witnesses said they heard shots from multiple locations?”

  1. At this juncture in time it is probably best to say that, despite the number of people who claim they ‘heard’ shots from the Knoll etc, the reality of the situation is simply location generated. The unique geography of the Plaza leads itself to very unique echo patters. What does it mean?

    Where you stood in the Plaza, in relation to Elm/Houston/Main/Commerce/Knoll or even the service road/parking access road in front of the TSBD would alter your perception of what location shots SEEMED TO BE COMING FROM.

    What is important is that people who reacted to the sound either looked up and saws rifle (Jackson) in that window, saw a rifled being fired (Brennan), or alerted people/police to the location of the nest. Best evidence is the Robert Hughes Film which one can argue shows a motion in the window of a figure moving from right to left and sinking lower (Oswald taking aim).

    Let alone all the other evidence.


    1. Actually the best evidence is the acoustical evidence that remains on the police dicta belt.
      While I agree that witnesses can be mistaken, the acoustics audio print doesn’t adhere to any bias.

      Read Dr. Thomas’ book “Hear No Evil” as it explains in detail what I don’t have space to explain in this thread.

      1. JSA. Thanks. I read that. The only real problem I have with it is the issues that are not resolved, IE, those that had their attention drawn to the window by gunfire. Howard B, the reporter who yelled, ‘There is the rifle’, ext, and the Hughes Film which does show movement in the 6th Floor as the Limo turned below it to move onto Elm. There is just too much about just who had the stuck mic, the cross-talk, the bells and sirens, etc. I actually will just stick with people who were straight ‘downwind’ of the TSBD. The agents heard 3 shots, Connolly heard two of them, Nellie’s testimony, and even to the point that James Tague made. 3 shots.

        In essence I feel that these people, whether witnesses to the shooting itself, or those in line with the car and the TSBD were in the best position to determine how many shots.

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  3. It’s interesting that Nellie Connolly said she heard shots from “behind and to the right”. That doesn’t necessarily mean they came from the TSBD only.

    1. Correcting my earlier comment, she said “behind us” and “over my right shoulder”. I believe, however, that that still doesn’t mean only the TSBD.

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