How Kerry can clarify the JFK conspiracy issue

After raising doubts about the official theory of President Kennedy’s assassination, the Secretary of State is backing away.

I’m not going to get into that,” he told NBC’s David Gregory yesterday. “It’s not something that I think needs to be commented on, and certainly not at this time.”

Why so shy? Most Americans agree with Kerry with recent polls showing upwards of seven in ten Americans think Kennedy was killed by unknown conspirators.

To be sure, Kerry is not the Attorney General and it is not his job to articulate a more credible explanation of the causes of JFK’s murder. But as the American people’s representative to the world he does have a responsibility to represent the full range of American opinion on the subject to the world. President Kennedy was a world leader whose murder was a blow to people around the globe. People every where are still looking to the United States for a more credible explanation. In the past week I’ve done interviews about the JFK story with media outlets in Australia, Israel, and Dubai.

At a minimum, Kerry could urge his fellow cabinet members to comply with the 1992 JFK Records Act which mandates the “immediate” release of all assassination-related records in the government’s possession.

He could call on Attorney General Eric Holder to order full disclosure of the government’s records on the subject, starting with the “Top 7 JFK Files the CIA still keeps secret.”

Kerry could ask Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to order a search for the complete Air Force One tape from November 22, 1963. Last week audio expert Ed Priemau told the Detroit Free Press that the existing Air Force One tapes seem to have been extracted from a longer version that has never been made public.

“As I listen to the recordings, I can hear edits,” Primeau said. “I can actually go through and pick out spots where I believe there are pieces that were missing. And there’s lots of theories about why there would be pieces removed.”

The best way to dispel erroneous theories is with full disclosure.

Kerry is not the first or the only Washington power player to suspect a JFK plots. See “Top 6 Washington insiders who suspected a JFK plot.” (JFK Facts, Oct. 2, 2013)




  1. BrianJ says:

    Kerry made his original comment in an interview with Tom Brokaw as part of Brokaw’s “Where Were You” special to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death. I missed the airing and first heard it on Erin Burnett’s show on Friday. To say I was surprised by the comment is an understatement. As Secretary of State, Kerry operates in key conflict areas around the world where conspiracy theories are regular fodder for political dialogue and tend to easily influence popular sentiment. The middle east is a prime example of this. As SoS it should go almost without saying that it is in his own and the country’s best interest not to be identified as one who subscribes to what many consider a ‘conspiracy theory’–especially one with versions that suggest participation by elements of the US gov’t in JFK’s death. Coming off as a ‘doubter’ unnecessarily complicates how he presents the interests and motives of the US. Pretty sure Kerry received some executive direction, hence his reticence with Gregory.

  2. Michael DiFranco says:

    I was 10 years old the day that Kennedy was assasinated and I like millions of other Americans have yet to find closure on this Global tragedy perpetrated upon this man of peace and goodwill. I find it incredible that in a nation supposed to be a democracy, we have yet, fifty years later, to be given the whole truth which would be most likely revealed by the release of all records pertaining to this horrible murder. Anyone who sees the the way that JFK’s head moved backwards and exploded out of the rear of his skull will have to agree that he was shot at least once from the front. How could anyone think otherwise, it defies the laws of physics. I applaud your efforts to arrive at the truth so that we as Americans and citizens of the world can find closure on this painful journey of fifty years.

  3. Fredrick Burlakoff says:

    Yes, I saw a clip of an interview with Kerry on I think it was NBC. If I recall correctly he stated that he “does not think Oswald acted alone”. When asked if agreed with the conspiracy people that the CIA was involved, he said no. Well, maybe it’s a crack opening but falling way to short.

  4. Kerry and Obama have the obligation to open up the files on the JFK case not only to be honest with the American people and to the interested people of other countries. Obama in his last term can commute sentences of convicted felons. He could also release the files that coverup the crimes of those responsible for the assassination of President John Kennedy. Justice for President Kennedy!

  5. How can anyone believe that a high end conspiracy of government or mafia figures would engage a mental midget such as Oswald and supply him with an Italian rifle purchased for $12.78? This rifle was well known to readily misfire and jam. It was mail ordered by Oswald from Chicago. Ruth Paine, a volunteer social worker of sorts, assisted immigrants and the like in assimilating in America and in finding work. She informed Oswald of the job being available in the Texas School Book Depository. They needed help moving crates while the floors were refurbished. Five routes had been approved for the presidential motorcade by the Secret Service and all involved government and public safety agencies. ONE MAN, the Dallas police chief, selected the route passing thru Deeley Plaza. Neither Ruth Paine nor the Dallas Police chief have ever been accused by a rational being as having any role in the JFK assassination.. It was a horrible act of fate that placed Oswald in the tragic position to commit his despicable act of insanity. Ruby was a dysfunctional misfit who believed he would be regarded as a semi-hero for his rash act.

    • Ms. Paine was a bit more than a “volunteer social worker.”

      Bruce K. Gagnon
      Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

      by Bruce Gagnon

      I have previously written briefly about a new book I recently read entitled JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died & Why It Matters. Long-time peace activist James Douglass wrote the book and worked on it for 12 years.

      I cannot recommend this book highly enough. You should read it, you will be shocked and moved by this story, and you will want to tell others about it.

      In a few words, this book tells the story about why and how the military industrial complex (MIC) had JFK killed. ….

      In his book Douglass outlines how the CIA moved Oswald around the country in order to set up a storyline that made the case for him being JFK’s killer. Oswald had CIA handlers in New Orleans where they had him become publicly identified with a “pro-Cuba” group in order to eventually set the notion in people’s minds that Castro wanted Kennedy dead. Later Oswald was moved to Dallas where a Quaker woman by the name of Ruth Hyde Paine became his host. When I read this I nearly fell out of my chair.

      I knew Ruth Hyde Paine, or at least I thought I did.

      While living in Orlando, Florida in 1983 I became the first staff person for the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice. The organization was actually created in 1982 as a loosely organized network of peace groups in the state and the initiating organization was the St. Petersburg, Florida office of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), which was based in the Quaker Meeting House. Ruth Hyde Paine was a leader of the St. Pete Friends Meeting and I had occasion to sit in peace meetings with her over the years. What could she have had to do with the assassination of JFK?

      Douglass reports that the controversial Warren Commission’s star witness against Lee Harvey Oswald was Ruth Hyde Paine. Ruth Paine took Oswald’s wife into her home when they moved to Dallas. It was Ruth Paine who arranged for Oswald’s job at the Texas School Book Depository in October 1963. It was Paine’s car that was used as a get-a-way car after the deadly shots were fired. Was Ruth Hype Paine just an innocent victim here?

      Come to find out Ruth Paine’s husband Michael worked at Bell Helicopter in Fort Worth, Texas. His stepfather was the inventor of the Bell Helicopter and the corporation made enormous profit selling the weapon system to the Pentagon for use during the Vietnam War. Michael’s mother, Ruth Forbes Paine Young, was closely connected to Allen Dulles who hated Kennedy. Dulles was appointed by Lyndon Johnson to serve on the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination. (JFK had asked CIA Director Allen Dulles to resign after the Bay of Pigs disaster. Kennedy then tried to cut the CIA budget by 20% and had threatened to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”)

      Ruth Hyde Paine was the daughter of William Avery Hyde who worked for the Agency for International Development – a known CIA front-organization. Right after Kennedy’s death William Hyde received a three-year government contract with AID in Latin America to promote the US insurance industry. Ruth’s younger sister also worked for the CIA.

  6. Ramon F Herrera says:

    “and supply him with an Italian rifle purchased for $12.78?”

    Plus telescopic sight: $19.95.

  7. Kerry is engaging in clever disinformation by saying he wondered if Oswald didn’t act alone.

    Even worse, he hinted that the commies might have helped Oswald, which puts him in the same category as David Duke (the Klansman), who has pushed this lie.

    This is even less believable than the claim the Mafia did the crime, all by themselves.

    Meanwhile, the fact that JFK was engaged in back channel diplomacy with Krushchev and Castro which ended immediately after JFK was removed from office is not mentioned in this sort of media coverage. Surely our country’s chief diplomat understands this history even if he dares not mention it. – Kennedy’s 1963 plan to convert the Moon race to global cooperation

    • SRV says:

      Thanks for the (great) Paine information Mark… of course she was a CIA “asset” at least. The Rambler story by Detective Craig does not get enough play IMO… along with the laughable, and oh so awkward, bus (then bus/cab) WC farce (one so called witness was actually questioned about why she was reading from notes… and she was till all over the place), it blows the WC fantasy out of the water.

      Craigs story was so compelling I had to find corroborating facts… just in case you haven’t seen them, there are film clips of him in the parking lot behind the fence, on the sixth floor when the rifle was found (of course a Mowser btw), and in the sheriff’s office just outside the interrogation room where he said Oswald identified the Rambler as a station wagon even though Craig had left that out. It all fits 100%… one of the real unsung hero’s. So sad to see how he was hounded for years, and finally taken out (another one suicided) in the early seventies!

      Regarding Kerry… seems to me TPTB are seeing some cracks (more documents to come out?) and are laying the groundwork for the “it was the Soviets/Cubans” last ditch defense to explain away all the coverups as patriotic efforts to avoid war!

  8. paul kurowski says:

    it is my understanding that on November 25, 1963, President Johnson revoked President Kennedy’s directive or ?, reducing the number of advisors by 1,,000 per month, commencing December 1, 1963 or January 1, 1964. Does anyone have any thoughts on verifying this??

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