3 thoughts on “Hold the TWA 800 conspiracy theories”

  1. Alex Seitz-Wald is just pulled out to deal with publicity nightmares; and is sort of the go-to person to debunk or to defuse claims that challenge the authority of the “official story”, whether it be this flight, or Sandy Hook.

    I hardly think his article is a sensible approach; his article does not mention what is newsworthy in this latest documentary: whistleblowers, who were once gagged for job security, are now going on the record and explaining that the government directly instructed them to lie.

    I think this is important in the current climate of mistrust, where the government lacks all credibility whatsoever. Whether it is Warren Commission, 911, or pretty much every other controversial cover-up, I think it is time for those in the Establishment to try a different paradigm for governing: it should start telling the truth.

    And while it may seem strange to a person unfamiliar with the long roster of official stories that have been proven to be manufactured propaganda, I think the attitude the government has cultivated among the citizenry is one where the burden of proof is now reversed, and we can no longer give any official body or state sanctioned information the benefit of the doubt.

    If you think about that, it is a terrible indictment of our current government, but if anyone is intellectually honest, they must realize that is disgusting to call the honorable among us conspiracy theorists, when the liars get to wear the robe of “respectability”.

    I’m so over this government already. I think the only way out of this nightmare is a pure revolution. Interpret that word however you will, but hopefully there will not be bloodshed. But there will need to be a true “revolution”, an overturning of a ruling establishment that has proven itself unfit to protect our civilization.

  2. I was living in a small New England town when this happened. The Coast Guard helicopters scrambling to the crash site flew right over our head. At the time I was working a place that offered “office services” — faxing, copies and even nascent email services for vacationers. The first person in line the very next morning was a vacationing New York City policeman, anxious to get a fax out asap. He explained that the city was creating a new unit to look into the incident and he wanted to get his resume in fast. “What do they think happened?” I asked innocently. “Well, to a man, everyone I’ve spoken to in law enforcement says it was an errant missile from a Navy exercise.”
    Kristina Borjesson’s “Into the Buzzsaw” had some fascinating pieces on mainstream journalists who pursued the story — one of whom was actually flown to DC for the Bob Dole campaign.

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