History Channel poll finds ‘shockingly high’ belief in a JFK conspiracy

The History Channel has announced it will air what it calls “the definitive guide to JFK’s assassination,” based in part on a new poll of thousands of Americans, which found 71 percent of Americans reject the official theory of JFK’s murder.

“Public skepticism of the so-called ‘Lone Gunman Theory,’ supported by the Warren Commission in 1964, is shockingly high,” the History Channel says.

That figure may be “shocking,” but it cannot be considered surprising. A week after JFK was killed a University of Chicago pollsters found 62 percent of Americans thought more than one person was involved. In Dallas the figure was 66 percent.

Public confusion is also shockingly high.

From the press release:
“The special reveals that, at last count, there are a whopping 311 distinctly different conspiracy theories in which the finger of blame has been pointed at 42 groups, 82 assassins and 214 people. The suspects often cited range from the Mafia to Communists (those connected either to Castro or the Kremlin), from factions within the CIA to the Pentagon and members of the American military industrial complex, from the so-called ‘Umbrella Man’ seen that day on the Grassy Knoll to, astonishingly, the limo driver in the front of the Kennedy car. JFK ASSASSINATION THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE examines these theories, confronting both the evidence and the ardent accusations, concluding on who the American people most believe is responsible for the death of JFK.”

14 thoughts on “History Channel poll finds ‘shockingly high’ belief in a JFK conspiracy”

  1. Hmm. A few days after the president is murdered in the home state of the new president, the accused assassin is himself murdered by a nightclub owner with mob ties. And the public should not have reason to believe there may have been a conspiracy? Gimme a break.

  2. This probably has nothing to do with his murder but I watched the show and one thing that is standing out to me is a picture they show of JFK with Werner Von Braun a former Nazi rocket scientist who was responsible for the V2 rocket (responsible for hundreds or thousands of deaths in England) and was brought to the U.S. during operation paper clip. He also was a key figure in the U.S. space program and missile defense etc. Just saying that’s pretty F**ked up.

  3. The most likely group was the U.S. Military complex because of Kennedy’s debacle with the Bay of Pigs, not going to war with the Soviet Union over the Cuba Crisis and Kennedy’s negotiations with North Vietnam to not escalate that “police action”. Kennedy was seen by the military as weak, incapable of handling international challenges and most importantly did not have the same view as the military on communism. The U.S. was victorious in WWII but was not successful in Korea. Then (in the Military’s view) here is this young, inexperienced playboy who refused to support the rebels in the Bay of Pigs and didn’t handle the Russians with a heavy hand. The Military had to get rid of Kennedy before he caused the downfall of this nation. The only group involvement that would justify a cover up for 50 years is an inside job … America’s first and (to date) it’s only coup. Had it been any other group, the facts would have come to light long before now.

  4. I expect only the best from a channel that gives us war porn, Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars and other reality TV dreck.

    It reminds me of the Bill Hicks’ old routine about JFK getting hit by dust from the leaves from the Grassy Knoll, and hey honey, let’s watch that American Gladiators marathon.

  5. “311 theories, 42 groups, 82 assassins, 214 suspects.”

    Overstating these numbers numbs any sensible reader and makes them wonder, how will we ever know?

    If a well-meaning person applied factual evidence and common sense there would be far fewer viable theories and the release of withheld documents by the CIA and other organizations would whittle down the theories and suspects to a manageable number.

    I commend Jeff Morley and others like him for trying to bring logic and common sense to this effort. They should be interviewed by the History Channel.

  6. 311 theories, 42 groups, 82 assassins, 214 suspects…

    There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

    “Public confusion is also shockingly high.”

    Can you blame them?

    A tragic event takes place. Amateur researchers get involved. The results speak for themselves.

    1. I would advise you to stick to the professionals who have become experts on this case. Namely: John Newman, Gaeton Fonzi, Larry Hancock, Anthony Summers, Gerald McKnight, Jefferson Morley and David Talbot, etc.

      They are not amateurs and you’re not going to find hundreds of suspects in their books. In fact, we hear quite a bit about the same small circles of CIA associates.

    2. Yeah, maybe.

      But when the authorities themselves are acting like amateurs and are more interested in covering up their own amateurism & misbehaviour, telling lies, are destroying evidence and are making sure Oswald gets cast (rightly or wrongly) as a lone nut ….well, what else can you expect but the kind of endless doubt that opens the door wide enough for anyone to have a go?

  7. It may be difficult for those burned by previous History & Discovery JFK investigative documentaries to desire to sit through more distorted explanations to what happened to JFK in Dealey Plaza 50 years ago.

    By now, they’ve gotten used to the smell of ‘snake oil’ bubbling in a pan as the documentary progresses from BS to more elaborate BS; scene by scene; min by minute. Rigged re-enactments, missing historical elements (JFK’s guards tailgating him down Elm Street missing from shooting & trajectory re-enactments), ignoring the mountain of de-classified ARRB files, the 50 years of work of dedicated researchers/authors, the continued belief some or all of the physical, film, medical & ballistics evidence was tampered with or fabricated makes viewing distorted documentaries painful, if not mentally unhealthy.

    I will look at it but don’t expect much from the Operation Mockingbird media soldiers; I learn more about the assassination & the many players at YouTube & here at Jeff Morley’s highly informative website.

    1. IF you watch this video presentation by Doug Horn of the ASS. Review Board, you will see that he nails the time frame of the Z film alteration (forgery that is).

      It turns out two sets of briefing boards were made of Zapruder frames, one set on Saturday night from the original film and one set from the altered film on Sunday night with a different set of government employees who were told to not even talk to their boss about what they did 🙂

      It’s easy to fool Americans, you only have to fool the presstitutes.

  8. Hmmm well, I fear the History Channel will be, well, the History Channel, therefore they’ll come to the conclusion that guess what? Lee did it all the time and no one else. Yawn.

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