‘He had run an agent into the USSR …’

“I said that Casasin was another problem. The man had worked for us abroad under non-official cover …. He had run an agent into the USSR, that man having met a Russian girl and eventually marrying her. Our assumption is that the interest in the man is that the agent was successful in getting his Russian wife out of the country, as Oswald was in getting Marina out … “

CIA memo on meeting with staff of House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA).

This memo is a rare admission that the CIA sponsored false defectors to the Soviet Union in the late 1950s.

The HSCA was probing the agency in the late 1970s, had to grapple with the issue of whether Lee Harvey Oswald might also have been “run into the USSR.”  “Casasin” was a pseudonym used by a CIA operations officer.

The HSCA published a “Defector Study” that failed to mention this admission. The admission was made in a meeting attended by Chief Counsel G. Robert Blakey, Deputy Counsel Gary Cornwell, and Michael Goldsmith on the HSCA side, and three top Agency lawyers (Rodger Gabrielson, Richard Rininger, and Scott Breckenridge) and liaison George Joannides on behalf of the CIA.

3 thoughts on “‘He had run an agent into the USSR …’”

  1. Bunch of lies. The Greatest proof that the CIA and the Pentagon involvement and main conspirators lies in JFK refusal to sign “Operation Northwoods”. His refusal to sign this Operation brought him his death certificate.I thought this page was going to highlight this fact. If there is a real piece of evidence that shows the real conspirators is the declassified Operation Northwoods documents. http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/northwoods.html

  2. JFK was paraded in his open limo around Dealey Plaza like a Duck on a fairground airgun stall.Jackie tried to reach part of his skull from the trunk of the limo; behind the seats;obviously blown there by the bullet, hitting JFK from the Front.His skull erupted from an exploding bullet spraying the Police Motorcycle Outriders with blood and brains.They were riding Behind the limo seats.As soon as the Limo drove of to Parkland Hospital, the Dallas Traffic was allowed to drive over the Crime Scene.
    The FBI intercepted a message by the KGB in New York saying that they had evidence that LBJ had organised JFK`s killing.

  3. Further proof Oswald was way more involved then most speculate. Seems awfully hard to imagine that during the height of the Cold War the USSR would just let Lee and Marina Oswald just waltz right out of the country like they did!

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