Group recruits CIA whistleblowers with a JFK message

Group recruits CIA whistleblowers at the Pentagon

From a reader:

A group of current and former military/law enforcement called Oath Keepers has posted billboards at the Pentagon Metro station in Washington, including this one aimed at CIA with a JFK theme.  

On the Oath Keepers website, the group says

“And yes, we knew exactly what we were doing when we decided to use the JFK swearing-in as the graphic for this sign. Read this.”

The link goes to an article by Jacob Hornburger of the Future of Freedom Foundation, entitled, “No military coups in America? What About November 1963.” The article argues that Kennedy was killed by high-ranking enemies in the U.S. national security officials who opposed to his dovish foreign policy of disarmament.

A quick review of the Oath Keepers website discloses is an organization dedicated to defense of gun rights and the Constitution and opposed to warrantless wiretapping, the targeting of American civilians for extrajudicial assassination and plans for martial law in the United States. Many of its leaders have backgrounds in the military and/or the Tea Party, which gives me pause but they also espouse some views I share. They are part of a growing left-right libertarian consensus that is NOT deferential to the mandarins of the national security agencies. Oath Keepers is vigorous in defense of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, saying he is a patriot, not a traitor.

I hope Oath Keepers succeeds. I’ve been trying for ten years to obtain secret CIA records related to JFK’s assassination (See, “Why I sued the CIA for JFK Records”), only to be stymied by the weaknesses of the Freedom of Information Act and the passivity of the federal courts. We could use a JFK whistleblower.

It is a fact that a large body of records at the CIA that would shed light on the Kennedy assassination and there would be no harm to U.S. national security if they came into public view. To the contrary, release of this material, authorized or not, would be in the public interest.


What is the government still hiding on JFK?

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“Two More JFK Files for Brennan’s Review.” (JFK Facts, Feb 12, 2013)

“1,100 JFK documents ignored in Obama’s push to open records” (JFK Facts, May 14, 2013)

“Court upholds ‘public benefit’ of disclosure about CIA officer in JFK story” (JFK Facts, June 19, 2013)





5 thoughts on “Group recruits CIA whistleblowers with a JFK message”

  1. Oath Keepers is an interesting organization. They were perceived as enough of a threat for the ‘progressive’ Establishment-friendly, David Corn employing Mother Jones to put out a hatchet job against them. The sad fact that the mainstream ‘left’ is a subsidiary of the Right goes a long way toward explaining why there has never been any justice in the JFK case.

  2. How do you know that “no harm would come to national security” from the release of classified information?
    There is still classified information from WW II. And it is classified for good reasons.

  3. George Simmons

    That was a very interesting article by Jacob Hornburger. I feel it really hit the nail on the head with regards to how the Military and Intelligence communities viewed JFK.

    A JFK whistleblower is most certainly what we need. It certainly would appear our only chance of seeing these documents any time soon.

  4. “But hey, let’s just keep living our little myths and deferring to the wisdom and authority of our beloved Cold War national-security state, which suspends our freedom and privacy in order to keep us “safe” from the threats of terrorism that it itself produces.

    Let’s just keep believing that it’s only foreigners, not Americans, who make “mistakes” in elections — mistakes that unfortunately sometimes have to be rectified with coups and assassinations. While our national-security state believes in helping foreign counterparts protect their nations from bad rulers through coups and assassinations, let’s just keep telling ourselves that it would never do the same here at home.”

    “Ironic” does not adequately describe the idea of “defending” the U.S. and the World against totalitarian rule through totalitarian methods. I get chills when I think that the full truth is still not in the open.

  5. It would be so much easier on us all if someone came clean. It’s not that hard to do, especially when the dirty deed doers are dead and gone.

    Those on a lower level of interest(like me) interested in how the ambush was executed really aren’t that worked up over who pulled it off because none of us were ever in the spy vs.spy game. That & politics in general is way out of our leagues.

    I’m 60 now, I’d be satisfied with the release of the Babushka lady’s home movie & what Abraham Zapruder filmed in it’s unedited, virgin form. I think I can find closure there. It can always be anonymously claimed these films were discovered in inheritance transfers or garage sales.

    Americans are a forgiving people if given the chance. What was perceived as bad for their lives in 1963 & the actions taken to remove those dangers can always be forgiven once someone comes clean with the truth. This includes Castro & his friends that stockpiled nukes on his imprisoned island.

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