Groden sues Dallas charging ‘malicious prosecution’ for Dealey Plaza free speech

The essential Dallas blogger Jim Schutze talks to Brad Kizzia about Robert Groden’s new lawsuit in defense of the 1st Amendment in Dealey Plaza.

“To me, Groden is the conservative, fighting for the preservation of basic freedoms, and Kizzia … I have no idea what Kizzia is except a very good lawyer. Together they are fighting the good fight against someone, we know not yet who, who has ruled over this entire sordid scenario with arrogance and disregard for the basic rights of others. I hope this thing doesn’t settle before we get a good mug shot.”

JFK Conspiracy Theorist Robert Groden Sues City Over Prosecution.

6 thoughts on “Groden sues Dallas charging ‘malicious prosecution’ for Dealey Plaza free speech”

  1. I feel the more important issue that is overlooked in these battles between Robert Groden & Dallas is the right for visitors to visit Dealey Plaza without being harassed by street ‘vendors’ pushing mostly souvenir publications following visitors’ every move & private conversations, interrupting visitors’ photo & video shoots & presenting an inhospitable presence. Mixed in with the ‘vendors’ are the street hustlers: pimps, drug dealers, hot merchandise sellers, etc. These people are present every day of the week. They are the 1st humans visitors encounter before they get to either the museum or Groden’s flea market table.

    Like hyenas waiting for the leopard to drop some or all of it’s catch out of its tree, these street peddlers feed off the court rulings for Groden that allow him to sell his stuff at the North pergola. Groden is simple: Buy his goods & he will talk to you. No money = no time to talk.

    The victim is not so much Robert Groden or the museum as it is the people who come to Dealey Plaza in peace. What’s attacking the people is greed. As long as peddlers are allowed to remain in the Plaza this Catch-22 situation will continue & more visitors will suffer as a result.

    1. Peddlers don’t get rich in Dealy Plaza. Many people come to DP looking for truth. They don’t find it at the WC apologist city of dallas museum. Robert Groden is an American Hero. Not just for his HSCA work, or High Treason. Debate his other works as you will. Through days of sunshine and rain,, cold, and heat, he has kept the issue of Conspiracy Reality and the search for the Truth alive for the public and those who come seeking it. It is his God given right, paid for by the blood of so many, that he may be able to speak his mind on it in public. God bless our Freedom and Freedom of Speech.
      Thank you Mr. Groden.

        1. If they in any way brought the murder’s to justice I’d want them in every Main Stream Media outlet in the Nation.
          I’ve read my own son’s autopsy report which was a mistake on my part during a time of grief.
          If publishing it would keep anyone else from experiencing what I went through or save their child it would be worth it. I don’t think it would in my case. There will always be dumb asses in a hurry not paying attention blatantly running red lights. Even if the consequences are severely increased.

    2. Nonsense. I travelled halfway around the world to be in Dealey Plaza last Mat, specifically to see DP for myself after years of being fascinated by the JFK tragedy. I arrived on a cool fresh Sunday morning, found my way around, did the tram tour of Dallas and speny 6-7 hours there, including 2hrs in the Sixth Floor Museum. I met and had a pleasant chat with Robert Groden, who never pressured me to but his ‘wares’; I watched scores of people as they did theor own reconnaisance of DP and asked questions to fill in the blanks of their own knowledge. Many people wanted pictures of themselves where ‘x’ marks the spot, but there was no feeling of tension/anxiety or harassment/intimidation from either end of the JFK spectrum – only an overall feeling of perplexed bamboozlement that such a singularly powerful event could unfold here. Theere is an indefinable spirituality to DP, I think, because of JFK’ death here. It is indeed a shrine. For me, it is appalling that the City of dallas harsses Groden, who has done stellar work in bringing the facts of the murder to the attention of the world.

  2. AS I understand, the City of Dallas has “ticketed” or arrested Groden a number of times for selling books in Dealey Plaza. In each instance, a Texas trial court has dismissed the prosecution as not stating a violation of the law. Now Groden is suing Dallas civilly to recoup damages for malicious prosecution. Apparently, the folks in charge of the Sixth Floor Museum have encouraged the DPD to harass Groden.

    The City of Dallas has behaved shamefully here. I’m sure there are many in Dallas who at once wrap themselves in the Constitution and gleefully stick pins in Groden. Message to these individuals: it’s called hypocrisy. You can’t both love the Bill of Rights and take glee from harassing Groden. Can’t.

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