Gorbachev on JFK

“He looked far ahead and he wanted to change a great deal. Perhaps it is this that is the key to the mystery of the death of President John F. Kennedy.”

– written by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in a Sixth Floor Museum memory book in 1998, according to archivist Gary Mack in the Kennedy Assassination Chronicles.

4 thoughts on “Gorbachev on JFK”

  1. Last night in the State of the Union speech the President stated that we need to end our state of permanent war footing. Our longest war in Afghanistan has resulted in its President accusing us of sponsoring terror attacks against his population, according to yesterday’s Washington Post. Afghanistan is now the source of most of the opium produced in the world. A great deal needs to be changed.

  2. I was at Dealy Plaza the same day that Gorbachev was there. I met him when I accidentally bumped into him at one of the exhibits. I watched as he penned a note in the guest book. He was extremely friendly and even with all the men in long black coats surrounding him, he was very gracious. For a North Carolina girl, it was quite exciting to meet him.

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