Gerald Ford killed TV ad boasting about a motorcade in Dallas

From Jesse Walker at Reason, a 1976 presidential campaign ad for Gerald Ford that was never aired–and for two very good reasons.

One is heard at 2:37, the other at 3:21.


16 thoughts on “Gerald Ford killed TV ad boasting about a motorcade in Dallas”

  1. There it is, the car from which they stripped all the evidence that could have assisted in the investigation of JFK’s assassination. They just could not wait to remove all the blood and tissue and possible ballistic evidence in the way of fragments, bullet hole/s and relative indicators like the windscreen and other fittings.
    Such was the quality of the investigation of the president of the United Sates of America, that even the evidence of the limousine would be washed away and reconstructed to erase any possible evidence that might lead to the truth.

    1. They also failed to close off Dealey Plaza to traffic until something like 45 minutes had elapsed. I’m sure a good deal of evidence vanished thanks to that.

  2. Gerald Ford was the CIA’s pimp on the Warren Commission.
    Every day, after session, he would debrief the agency.
    He successfully argued for reclassifying the T-1 back wound to a “neck wound.”
    I am sure he and Jack had a conversation in January, 2007, after his demise. I look forward to learning the details in another forum someday.

    1. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

      I think he rather was the FBI informant. See Gerald McKnight’s Breach of Trust (pp. 42-44). Anyway, he formed with Dulles the most active couple at WC, as Walt Brown accounted in The Warren Omission. And certainly Ford forged the first draft of the WC Report, changing the JFK wound in the back to the neck in order to support the SBT.

      1. CIA didn’t need a stooge on the Commission. They had Allen Dulles, who for practical purposes ran the thing.

  3. The Limo Carrying JFK that day actually made another appearance in Dealey Plaza. it was carrying President Ford and a sharp-witted photographer actually was quick enough to snap a photo of it continuing on down Main Street as it entered Dealey Plaza. The photographer actually captured both the car (converted to a hard-top at that time) and the TSBD in the background.

    Later that year (or the next as Ford wasn’t around that long) the limo was involved in a motor vehicle accident, in Hartford CT, when a traffic light malfunctioned and a young man on his way to the Senior Prom broadsided the car.

    What a way to impress your date!!

      1. No Robert. You are wrong. It was the same Limo and it was not until 1977 that SX100 was removed from office. The care was modified so much over the years but I’ve included a link for you to review if you care to check it out. In any case…it was NOT a newer nor different limo.

      1. crossfire_hurricane

        It’s easier to let it all die a fairy tale,
        Than admit that something bigger is passing through

      2. In 1970 Newsweek referred to Gerald Ford as the CIA’s man in Congress.

        In 1980, as Ford as specifically said, he was a stalking horse to get GHW Bush, the former CIA director, placed as Vice President on the 1980 Republican ticket. Ford played with Reagan so long that by the time he was done, the only choice left was GHW Bush.

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