From the Bay of Pigs to the ‘Bay of Tweets’

In the wake of a federal appellate court’s obtuse decision saving the CIA from embarrassment over ancient report on the agency’s epic fail at the Bay of Pigs 50 years ago, it is worth recalling the U.S. government’s latest botched covert action in Cuba.

From the Bay of Pigs to the ‘Bay of Tweets’ | Sarah Stephens.


  1. bogman says:

    Then there’s this:

    “The CIA has promised that it will “never again” use an international vaccination campaign as a cover for intelligence gathering.”

  2. Ronnie Wayne says:

    Excellent article. One you probably won’t find much of anywhere else without looking specifically for it.
    JMO (that and a quarter would get you a call at a pay phone in the 70’s). I understand the Cuban’s in the U.S. wanting their country back in the 1963 +/- time (even though it was controlled by U.S. interests and corrupt). But I don’t believe most citizens of the U.S feel them as a threat today. The cold war as we knew it is over.
    What is the purpose today of not dealing with our neighbors or trying to control them? Off the soap box.

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