From reverence to kitsch in Dallas

Welcome to the Assassination City Roller Derby, where you can watch competing teams, the Lone Star Assassins and the Dead Kennedys, fight it out on the circular track.

“I can understand that some people may be offended,” a league spokeswoman said. “But that’s not what we’re all about. The name is about taking something negative and being tongue-in-cheek and being light about a gritty situation.”

1 thought on “From reverence to kitsch in Dallas”

  1. The “Lone Star Assassins and the Dead Kennedys” in just a few years have done more to spread JFK truth than the Dallas Morning News and WFAA have done in 50 years.

    And they are not even really trying to, but truth is implicit in their message. The “other side” says out of reverence to John Kennedy we must not talk about why he died … and that is because Dallas Did It! (a book by Madeleine Brown & Connie Kritzberg).

    The truth is humiliating to the city of Dallas.

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