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Glenn in Atlanta: “I appreciate the diligence, lucidity and Old School journalistic and historiographic methods you bring to bear…

“…as we still hear fifty-year-old echoes from Dealey Plaza. I wish I could send a financial contribution but simply cannot do that just now, as I am and unemployed caregiver of an 85-year-old parent. Permit me to make one simple observation regarding your thorough report of earwitness testimony from 11/22/63. With my family I moved from California to Ft. Worth some two years after President Kennedy’s public slaying. It’s fair to report that gun culture was ubiquitous in mid-1960s Texas. I say this neither to stereotype nor to patronize Texans. I’m merely pointing out that most of them, young and elderly, male and female, were quite familiar with guns and tended to know from experience the difference between a rifle report and a pistol report, how to distinguish by ear the discharge of a firearm from the burst of a firecracker. Therefore I find credence in even the civilian earwitness accounts of that day…”

See “21 JFK cops who heard a grassy knoll shot, “(Sept. 24, 2013).

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  1. Yes, we’ll I too am attracted to this site based on its adhenerence to journalistic principals in reporting on the gross discrepancies revealed in the general coverage of the JFK Assassination pursuant to the several “official” government investigations. And, the site does a commendable job of enforcing those standards.

    1. Agreed. This site has certainly improved my understanding of the JFK assassination, particularly the actions of senior cia operatives in relation to Oswald.

      Also, if LHO had been tried in a court of law, I wonder what the jury would have made of the testimony of those 21 cops, as detailed above.

      1. Considering that many prefaced their statements with ” I can’t be sure ” or similar equivalent words not much.
        When is the last time any criminal trial allowed “ear witness testimony”?

        1. I disagree Photon.

          Evidence from 21 cops stating they thought the gunfire may have come from the front I feel would have given the jury reasonable doubt.

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