Four photographers remember November 22

Four young photographers working for the daily newspaper Dallas Times Herald in 1963 were assigned to the team tasked with capturing the President’s much-anticipated visit to Dallas. They’ll be talking about their memories of that day on Tuesday, November 17 at 7 pm at The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas.

Tickets are $25.


6 thoughts on “Four photographers remember November 22”

  1. Has the story of Wes Wise been touched on this site? I wasn’t able to locate anything and there are interesting details to his experience as a reporter for KRLD-TV, a Dallas CBS television affiliate in 1963. He was later elected to Dallas city councilman 1967, before serving as Mayor 1971-76.

  2. Bob Jackson thinks Mal Couch must have lied when he said he saw the rifle too. Because as you might know, Bob always claimed it was drawn inside the window before he shouted out.
    So there you go, if anyone needs a reason for “why a newsman would lie” when confronting Bob Jackson with his own fairytale, just mention Mal to him.

    Bob needs a break from having his ass kissed by future historians and have a taste of some hard hitting journalistic questions.
    Like why, over the years, have you given twenty different reasons for staying in the car Bob?
    Why do you keep saying “your camera was empty” when you had another around your neck ready to go?
    Do you know how dangerous it was in that building Bob to lean out, look up to the windows above you and point?
    Who do you think those two men you saw on the fifth were actually pointing the window out for?
    The third man still inside the building?
    Or Marrion Baker? Who saw no such thing when he looked up before running inside.
    Do you know those men denied ever doing what you accused them of Bob?
    Someone has to be lying here.

    You had numerous chances to jump out of the vehicle and at the very least alert a policeman but did N.O.T.H.I.N.G!
    At the very least you could have snapped everyone coming out of that building in case the rifleman got away but no, N.O.T.H.I.N.G!.

    You instead only move after witnessing the rush to the knoll and whilst in the RRY still direct no one to the TSBD where you saw a gunman.

    You should have won an Oscar for keeping this up for so long.
    Did you ever ask Mal why he lied Bob?
    Or do you keep as far away from it as poss’ by pretending you don’t even know his name like you did before the WC?

  3. Jeff (or anyone really): in regards to the subject of photographs of JFK’s assassination. I was wondering if there has been any developments on the story about Bernardo De Torres, who was reported to have taken photos at Dealey Plaza, during the assassination? Is there reason to believe that this is a credible story, or is it in the doubtful/not likely/did not happen category?

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